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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2009

A 2600m head race upstream, from the A14 road bridge to the top finish at Chesterton footbridge.
Sat 17th October

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1st men's VIII, College VIIIs

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1st men's IV - A, College IV+

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1st men's IV - B, College IV+

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1st women's VIII, College VIIIs

=2nd out of 11 college VIIIs
Time: 10:53
I happened to race with our girls after Tom called me yesterday evening and was very nervous my fitness would let me and the whole crew down. The row up to the start was I think good for what I thought was essentially a scratch crew rowing mostly in fours the last few weeks. On the start line, I was suddenly aware of the fact I agreed to race 2.7k with almost no training and having rowed sweep twice since Mays. Nervous. We hit rate 30 actually easily and despite Emma's lenghten calls we held it there. Felt good and stayed OK till Ditton. On the Reach we had a lot of grunty pushes (literally, grunty) and came pretty close to the City boat ahead of us, which was the only motivation I had not to give up. We kept it up quite controlled till the end the Reach when we just went flat out for the finish, which of course felt like miles away and technically less polished.
I am very very glad I subbed in for this race and I had loads of fun. We all did :) (Sonya)
Excellent job girls :-)!!! (Ulrike)
Well done! From all the way across the Atlantic :) (Julijana)
Only 13 seconds behind CUW!! (Alex)
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1st men's IV - C, College IV+

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2nd women's IV, College IV+

5th of 7 College IV+
Time: 13:15
Solid rowing. I am pleased with the performance and the result. (Thomas)
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