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May Bumps 2009

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Emma Salgård Cunha
Coached by: Jij Chow

Bumped Murray Edwards II
The only thing that sucks about this result was that I wasn't there to see it :(

But otherwise, you absolute legends. Love you. (Jij)
Way to go, ladies! :) (Laura)
Rowed over
We knew we were up for a harder race than yesterday but we all really wanted another bump. Not only because bumping New Hall II felt so good but also because we really thought we couldn't row over as we had never even attempted it. Endurance is not our strength, some said. But we proved them (and by them I mean ourselves) wrong! We did it girls and boys, we did it for the first time and we didn't die.

Wait and see Churchill: we are gathering our strength, taking power naps, eating loads of pasta, rowing in our sleep, and coming to get you! (Barbara)
Awesome, girls! Very proud of you!!
Go out tomorrow and get Churchill - I know you can do it! (Ulrike)
Bumped by Newnham III
A really nice start (although we were pointing slightly towards the bank) and a strong stride followed by about twenty strokes of good long rowing at 35. Then they hit us. I'm not sure there was much else we could have done against this crew. Tomorrow we'll need to combine the best bits of all our rows so far - i have a feeling its going to get epic! (Emma)

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