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Maiden Sculls, May Term 2009

SIM in a single scull (Women's)

Single sculls
in Eel
Sonya Milanova
1st round
Beaten by Gerrard (Jesus)
I guess I should write a few words. I never expected to win and only hoped to prove to be competent enough not to lose by a lot. Well, I was fairly incompetent at the start and after realising Gerrard kept increasing her lead (being bigger and overrating me it was not surprising) I lost motivation to push really hard thus the last 20 strokes were sub-standard (on a 500m course quite lame, I know). All-in-all I was not pleased with the row but I could have figured that would happen as I have never rated high in a single for longer than few bursts in the week before the race. On the upside thanks to some good banksteering from Tom I didn't crash! Thanks :) (Sonya)

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