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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2009

5th men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Ilya Vilenskiy

Slowest (but only) M5
Time: 11:54
This was a confident debut from M5. Although the crew have only been together for a week, today proved that we've established something really good to work on over the next few weeks til bumps.

A slightly ambitious start saw us rating 33 under the motorway bridge, but it wasnt long til we'd settled onto a springy 28. Balance was a lot better than it has been in some of the paddling, and we were gaining on the crew in front. Ilya took some great lines through the gut and grassy, but by then the tiredness was beginning to set in and the boat speed started to drop. The sight of Emma W1 behind us soon got the legs working again, and there were committed pushes on plough reach. Coming onto the reach, Emma came up for the overtake - the crew kept their heads, kept the pushes coming, and it took a good forty strokes for them to push through. Heads never went down, and the boys held their form right through the railway bridge and to the finish.

I'm really proud of this result, and proud of you all for some great individual performances. We need to keep training hard this week and make big steps on before the Getting on Race, but i'm confidnet that this crew has what it takes. (Emma)

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