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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2009

A timed head race over 2200m - from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts
Fri 6th February

The official results published by the organisers, RCBC, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

The Gents, 1st division

Won lower boats category
Time: 9:53
I can't tell you how gratifying it is to actually win, instead of just talking about how great an effort we made. We found a good rhythm, and took energy from storming past Magdalene (not to mention Ming's "motivational" shout). The power is still not what it might be but there's time left.

There's a huge amount of work still to do before bumps if we want to go up, but this is definitely a great result at this point.

Massive thank you to Fordy for jumping in, and to Emma who coxed as though she was drunk on the way up but took gorgeous lines in the race itself.
Thanks also to Peterborough City Rowing Club, because if they hadn't cancelled Nene we would have been rowing in a bathtub.

I guess this is what happens when Ming is involved with your crew! (Charles)
Yeah Buddy!

Not much more to say, only that we thought we'd only rowed O.K. and still won lower boats, we can do so much better. This is a solid platform to build off, we just need to up the rate and put some serious power down. Ain't nothin' to it but to do it! (Aaron)
Hell yeah! A committed, chunky and gutsy row. As Aaron said, we thought we'd done okay but perhaps not well enough to beat all the 2nd VIIIs! Fantastic stuff boys!

A big thanks Pete and Emma for jumping in for us and also to Ming and Ali for the motivational calls down the reach that really lifted us.

We've got the potential to be so much faster and this race gives a great platform to build on. (Jeffrey)
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M3B - ex-novice VIII, 1st division

Fastest M4, beaten to fastest M3 only by the Gents
Time: 10:29
A solid row, however there are huge improvements which can be made. The power was largely good, but inconsistant, and the quality of rowing was quite variable. However we held off Magdalene M2, and when we were sat properly we were pulling away from them. Plenty of training over the next two weeks, then watch this space for bumps :) (Swords)
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5th men's VIII, 1st division

Slowest (but only) M5
Time: 11:54
This was a confident debut from M5. Although the crew have only been together for a week, today proved that we've established something really good to work on over the next few weeks til bumps.

A slightly ambitious start saw us rating 33 under the motorway bridge, but it wasnt long til we'd settled onto a springy 28. Balance was a lot better than it has been in some of the paddling, and we were gaining on the crew in front. Ilya took some great lines through the gut and grassy, but by then the tiredness was beginning to set in and the boat speed started to drop. The sight of Emma W1 behind us soon got the legs working again, and there were committed pushes on plough reach. Coming onto the reach, Emma came up for the overtake - the crew kept their heads, kept the pushes coming, and it took a good forty strokes for them to push through. Heads never went down, and the boys held their form right through the railway bridge and to the finish.

I'm really proud of this result, and proud of you all for some great individual performances. We need to keep training hard this week and make big steps on before the Getting on Race, but i'm confidnet that this crew has what it takes. (Emma)
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2nd women's VIII, 2nd division

4th fastest W2
Time: 11:59
The result says 4th, but Girton W2 was really their W1. Nice to see we are still gaining on Jesus and LMBC (1st and 2nd division respectively) and that we beat Pembroke.

Overall it was a pretty decent row that sagged in the middle, but some commitment and a lot of grunt (plus some spit...) saw us wind it up for the line quite well. It also suggests that fitness, rather than technique is the main factor holding us back and that with a few solid weeks work we should be able to achieve our aim of moving up into the 2nd division. (DM)

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3. Marshalling in the Snow

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Full results</h4><p><b>Bold</b> = FaT<br /> <i>Italics</i> = category winner<br /> <br /> <i>M1 Caius (Rock) 00:09:00</i><br /> M1 Girton 00:09:16<br /> M1 Christ's 00:09:18<br /> M1 Selwyn 00:09:21<br /> M1 Emma 00:09:28<br /> M1 Wolfson 00:09:51<br /> <i><b>M3 FaT 00:09:53</b></i><br /> M1 St Edmunds 00:09:54<br /> M2 Christ's 00:09:56<br /> M2 Pembroke 00:09:59<br /> M2 Madgdalene 00:10:10<br /> M2 Emma 00:10:16<br /> M2 ARBC 00:10:28<br /> M2 Sidney 00:10:28<br /> <b>M4 FaT 00:10:29</b><br /> M3 Christ's 00:10:37<br /> M2 Wolfson 00:10:39<br /> M2 Fitz 00:10:44<br /> <i>W1 Emma 00:10:48</i><br /> M2 Robinson 00:10:50<br /> M3 Magdalene 00:11:06<br /> M3 Sidney 00:11:11<br /> W1 Sidney 00:11:23<br /> M2 St Edmund's 00:11:35<br /> <i>W2 Jesus 00:11:41</i><br /> M3 ARBC 00:11:42<br /> W2 LMBC 00:11:42<br /> W1 Robinson 00:11:45<br /> W2 Girton 00:11:50<br /> Dakin-White 00:11:52<br /> <b>M5 FaT 00:11:54</b><br /> <b>W2 FaT 00:11:59</b><br /> M3 Girton 00:12:04<br /> W2 Magdalene 00:12:05<br /> W2 Pembroke 00:12:06<br /> W2 Fitz 00:12:35<br /> M4 Sidney 00:12:23<br /> M4 Magdalene 00:12:23<br /> M3 Robinson 00:12:44<br /> W3 Pembroke 00:12:50<br /> W2 Robinson 00:13:02<br /> W3 Magdalene 00:13:33</p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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