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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2009

2nd women's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Danny McMillan

1st round
Beat St Cat's II easily
This was our first crew attempt at a standing start, and this wasn't helped by the interesting call "Attention... ROW!" from the marshals. After having failed to take a first stroke, as a crew we were quite surprised to find ourselves ahead after less than 10 strokes. The rhythm felt all over the place, but we pulled away anyway, so how this crew supposedly beat us by 40s at Newnham we will never know!! (Louise)
Horrible, panicky, spacky, 6 different draw strokes type start and a good 40 or 50 more strokes before we settled into anything vaguely resembling a rythym. This didn't really matter as the opposition weren't up to much and we had clear water by the kink. After this we picked it up a bit and we're able to extend our lead over the rest of the course. (DM)
2nd round
Beat Queen's II by a long way
Great row girls!! This race felt good, the start was awesome and we pushed through Queen's at a powerful 32. They were left for dead. If we row like that in bumps, no crew around us should pose any serious problems! (Louise)
A much better start saw us fairly level after the first 30 strokes before we turned the screw and took them apart seat by seat. The boat felt like it was crusing pretty much the whole way at a nice 32, and some nice effective pushes saw us produce masses of clear water. Definitely our best row of the day and a good confidence booster. (DM)
Semi finals
Lost to LMBC II by 2 lengths
We knew this was going to be tough as LMBC W2 have been performing well this term, and we panicked a bit of the start with the rate going high without the same power going down as earlier in the day. They pulled away from us on the reach, but there was some impressive commitment in our boat, especially after the railway bridge. We didn't give up and were gaining on them at the end. All in all, lots positives to get from this day, and we know what we have to work on to get our blades. (Louise)
As Louise says LMBC have been the dominant boat in our division all term so this was always going to be the most difficult race of the day. Our start was fine and we settled into a nice rhythm again, but the power wasn't there. Maggie went off very hard and opened up a good lead over the first half of the course. However, by the railway bridge they were dying and some committed pushes from us saw us close the gap a bit, but by this point it was too late.

Despite losing this was a very encouraging day and if we row as well as we did today then we should hopefully cause a lot of people a lot of trouble in bumps.

Thanks to Alex C for subbing in the last 2 races, everyone who supported on the bank, and to Louise and Katie for carrying me in and out of the boat. (DM)

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