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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2009

1st women's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

1st round
Lost to King's by 1 length
So generally the Pembroke Regatta races give a good indication as to how boats might do during Bumps.

Unfortunately due to problems with injury, and a squad so small that we could only rely on temporary subs, we took the decision to swap over 3 and 4, in the hope that this may work without having to lose people.

This was the second time that 3 or 4 had rowed on the other side, their first being in a tub a couple of days before, so it was a big ask to have their first VIII outing as the regatta race.

Quite simply, it didn't work. King's went off hard on the start and had 3/4 of a length on us, and any time we started to make up ground we'd catch multiple small crabs which would set us back again. How we managed to only lose by a length I don't know.

The good thing to come out of it though I suppose was that it made many people think we were on our way down for Bumps, and because of that, we as a crew thought there wasn't much that we could lose. (Mark)

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