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Champion of the Thames Eights Head, May Term 2008

3rd men's VIII (Men's 3rd Div. Mays)

Coxed by: Sonya Milanova

35th fastest college VIII, 9th in Mays div 3, 3rd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 5:08.5
Not a bad start winding to 38 but a pretty messy row after that with a crab from me 5 strokes from the finish line to top it all. According to Peter bow 7 hang massively at the catch so we really need to work on this over the next week.

The results reflect the shoddy row. The only M2 crew we managed to beat were Kings who are an entire division below us. If we want to go up in Bumps we need to get about 15 seconds faster.

Most of the crews around us in bumps were a little faster but not by much. Unfortunately the crews on either side of us didn't enter.

Queens M2 (5 in front): 4 sec
Churchill M2 (4 in front): 3 sec
Pembroke M2 (3 in front): 13 sec
Maddalene M2 (2 behind): 10 sec slower
Fitz M2 (3 behind): 18 sec
Christs M2 (4 behind): 13 sec
Clare M2 (5 behind): 15 sec (S.C. Mertes)
This race demonstrated that trying to spank a boat along with no particular regard for technique results in a hard row with no particular speed.

The start was good, controlled, powerful, the boat was moving. Around the corner the boat was not as nice and I felt things never recovered. Power went from the drive, which would not have been disastrous but for the lack of time on the slide. The rate got as low as 32, which considering we were rushing probably means that the drive portion of the stroke was round about 30, hence explaining the slow time.

Key points
1. Blade goes in at the front
2. Power goes on together
3. Slow on the recovery, and if it feels slow, it is probably too fast. Go slower. (Thomas)

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