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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2008

Incompetent VIII (Fancy Dress)

Coxed by: Aline Waguespack

1st round
Lost by 15 lengths
On the row up Kristina got in about 6 strokes before crabbing. Things went downhill from there. I just refused to shut up.

Parking on the outflow on Plough Reach was "difficult" and involved us being diagonal in the river for about 5 minutes.

The race itself: good start. The first half of the first draw stroke was together and we held them. After that it fell apart.

Sonya crabbed about 150 m into the race. Sonya recovered about 300 m into the race (once we'd easied, well just generally stopped rowing) in full view of her parents.

Jij crabbed while trying to easy after the race and I guess the only productive thing we did today was delaying the rest of the division by about 10 minutes.

Oh and thanks to Aline for coxing.

From Sonya - I learned my lesson. I will never be angry with my rowers if they crab and can't recover for half the race. And I will never row again, especially not when my parents are watching.
Oh and thanks to George and Christian for subbing in last minute. And thanks Aline for coxing and picking up reallt quickly to call "shut up Christian!" for most of time. (S.C. Mertes)
i have finally understood what it is not to crab during the race. i saved mine for the end and it was definitely worth it. onto the gabor boat.

Thanks to Aline for her coxing and Christian both for jumping in and managing to stay quiet for 10% of strokes taken. (Jij)

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