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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2008

"a regatta unlike any other..."
Thu 13th March

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Incompetent VIII, Fancy Dress

1st round
Lost by 15 lengths
On the row up Kristina got in about 6 strokes before crabbing. Things went downhill from there. I just refused to shut up.

Parking on the outflow on Plough Reach was "difficult" and involved us being diagonal in the river for about 5 minutes.

The race itself: good start. The first half of the first draw stroke was together and we held them. After that it fell apart.

Sonya crabbed about 150 m into the race. Sonya recovered about 300 m into the race (once we'd easied, well just generally stopped rowing) in full view of her parents.

Jij crabbed while trying to easy after the race and I guess the only productive thing we did today was delaying the rest of the division by about 10 minutes.

Oh and thanks to Aline for coxing.

From Sonya - I learned my lesson. I will never be angry with my rowers if they crab and can't recover for half the race. And I will never row again, especially not when my parents are watching.
Oh and thanks to George and Christian for subbing in last minute. And thanks Aline for coxing and picking up reallt quickly to call "shut up Christian!" for most of time. (S.C. Mertes)
i have finally understood what it is not to crab during the race. i saved mine for the end and it was definitely worth it. onto the gabor boat.

Thanks to Aline for her coxing and Christian both for jumping in and managing to stay quiet for 10% of strokes taken. (Jij)
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Mathmo Toga Party, Fancy Dress

1st round
Beat Selwyn by default
We managed to get ourselves a headstart of about a length due to some tactical Easter eggs. Selwyn didn't seem pleased with this, so responded by steering at us. Maybe they took their pirate costumes a bit too seriously and were actually attempting to board our boat. Anyway it caused me to get a bit too close to the bank for comfort which halted our progres somewhat. Our start hadn't been that bad, but that was about all the rowing we got in. Selwyn were rightly sent home packing. (DM)
You can tell that a race is going to be good when you have to have several people drop out on the row up because their togas got stuck in the runners. Like catching a crab, the person behind has to drop out and help get the toga out of the seat and tie it back up again. (Liz)
2nd round
Lost to Clare Hall by just over a length
This time there was no crazy coxing so we got a decent race. For a boat that consisted of 4 people who haven't rowed for a term and one person who has rowed seriuosly enough to have an effect on steering the start was pretty good. The rate was comfortable and the first push left us in contention. Alas, the other boat had a somewhat higher average age than ours and they seemed to be taking the whole thing a bit more seriously. They pulled ahead in the second half, and although we kept up with them they were just a bit too strong for us. We lost. I blame this on not having enough Easter eggs.

Well done Liz for coxing us on the way back, even if it was a bit hysterical at times. Sorry about my shabby rowing (DM)
Coxing is SO much fun!! It was a good job that there weren't many boats on the river and that no one needed to rush home.

The race was good, I couldn't stop laughing when I heard Tom telling at Karl to pull his weight. We should definitely enter more races together! (Liz)
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Gabor, Fancy Dress

1st round
Won by 6 lengths
Spackometer - 9.3

Some dodgy coxing from the other crew meant they plowed straight into us, but being the stalwarts that we were we won the blade clash and carried on rowing to victory. One of our least spacky rows, we held the rate low (26ish) and rowed away. (Jij)
2nd round
Won by 1/2 length
Spackometer - 9.9

Initially: some dodgy coxing from them meant they jumped in front of us and held it up just before they hit the bank. This was not beneficial to Richard's bow.

Restart: this was clearly our worst row and after throwing up hundreds of litres of water into the air with our blades of splash we got the boat moving through their half length headstart and began to pull away. Then we made a wild swing at the bank, narrowly winning the blade clashes with the mud and grass, but this cost us the ground we had made up. The push for the finish was big enough to see us through to the next round. (Jij)
In my defence, the bank incident only arose as I was focused on recovering fi's hat from the river.

Didn't recover the hat - but did win the race. Just.

Hat, you did us proud. (O.P. McFarlane)
3rd round
Lost by a lot
Spackometer: 9.0

We didn't row as bad but the Downing crew were clearly superior and were awarded a headstart. Evidently the Catz marshals just don't get Gabor as much as we do. Well rowed Downing.

The row back was definitely just a bit rushed. (Jij)
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Formal Dinner Brigade, Mixed IV

Semi finals
Won by 3 lengths
A bit worrying spinning at the start when you see your opponents have Cambridge light blue oars, but an early blade clash showed we had the upper hand against the Cambridge coxes as we pulled away and took the race comfortably. (Mark)
Posted by 'Fiend' on the boatie messageboards, Tuesday at 6.11 p.m.:

"Right, all this college crews vs CUW can finally be decided once and for all... CUW vs FaT in round 1 of Cats [sic] Cardinals IVs - surely the final answer to all the debate!" (Magnus)
Magdalene decided not to turn up (or turn up on time, I think we passed them as we paddled home as they rowed up to the start, not too sure though) so we won by default.

I noticed I started talking about spinning in the first race report, and how it was "worrying" given that I saw a Cambridge boat. I forgot to mention something that was even more worrying whilst spinning after the race and that was how we almost capsized with my eagerness to get bowside to back her down as we were still moving after easying - we took water on board over the saxboard, that's how close it was.

Lesson number 24: Stop fully before spinning a IV. (Mark)
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