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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2008

2nd women's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Danny McMillan

Fastest 2nd VIII
Time: 10:52
Well done! You looked fit crossing the finish, and you definitely deserve this. Make the next week count, and hopefully there'll be more prizes on Saturday. (Harriet)
We have a trophy!! I've never won any races before so I'm so proud of everyone that rowed today! We even beat some 1st boats! No free t-shirts, even though a Robinson official said we would get them if we won our division :(

Still, bring on Bumps! (Liz)
Wooooooo! Congrats girls! Excellent aggression, excellent commitment. In particular the row up to the reach was looking very technically strong and you had some really good bursts. Really build on this for bumps - blades for you girls!!!

Congrats again (from the politest bank party of the day!) (Lyns)
the first half of the race up until the reach was awesome - apparently we were rating around 30 but it felt so relaxed and the boat was really moving along nicely. the reach presented some wobbly moments and we weren't really clearing the puddles. still, we finished quite strongly and i can't quite believe we managed to win! gutted that we don't get our free t-shirts :( and hopefully we won't ever meet strange worm-fisherman-person again. he was odd.

special thanks to danny, hannah, olivia and louise for subbing! (Kristina)

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