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Cardinal's Regatta, Lent Term 2008

Formal Dinner Brigade (Mixed IV)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
in Scylla
bow Katherine Poseidon 2 Michael Parker
3 Paul Masset str M.E. van-Rijn

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

Semi finals
Won by 3 lengths
A bit worrying spinning at the start when you see your opponents have Cambridge light blue oars, but an early blade clash showed we had the upper hand against the Cambridge coxes as we pulled away and took the race comfortably. (Mark)
Posted by 'Fiend' on the boatie messageboards, Tuesday at 6.11 p.m.:

"Right, all this college crews vs CUW can finally be decided once and for all... CUW vs FaT in round 1 of Cats [sic] Cardinals IVs - surely the final answer to all the debate!" (Magnus)
Magdalene decided not to turn up (or turn up on time, I think we passed them as we paddled home as they rowed up to the start, not too sure though) so we won by default.

I noticed I started talking about spinning in the first race report, and how it was "worrying" given that I saw a Cambridge boat. I forgot to mention something that was even more worrying whilst spinning after the race and that was how we almost capsized with my eagerness to get bowside to back her down as we were still moving after easying - we took water on board over the saxboard, that's how close it was.

Lesson number 24: Stop fully before spinning a IV. (Mark)

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