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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2007

4th men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: B-R. Li

Time only - From Chesterton to finish
Time: 11:35
Pretty disastrous beginning to be fair which brought the competition to an abrupt end, leading to racing for time only, timed from Chesterton.

Starting off not straight led to bowside crashing into a barge barely 20m from the start.
The crew were quite quick to react, only for confusion between 'wind it up' and 'hold it up' to lead to very confused rowers and a very suprised bankparty. Surprise was followed by horror as screams of 'hold it up' from the bank preceded a second crash into a barge a few places down. This led to bow taking a significant blow to the chest, but he was courageous enough to keep going.

Third time, VERY unlucky.

Bowman met a third barge again just before Elizabeth Way at speed, leading to a scary meeting between bow and his oar. The bowman was launched right out of his seat into the river, head first, in front of the bank party.

Boat brought in as bow man went back to the boat house, leaving the crew completely confused and exasperated.

Raced for time shortly after the IVs with Jij subbing in, sitting at seven.

Racing for time was relatively good, although the rhythm displayed didn't look like the excellent rhythm that was demonstrated so well by the crew in the outings leading up to the race - probably due to a combination of panic and the unnerving start. You clearly had the ability, unfortunately it could not be demonstrated when it was needed.

But heads up guys, don't let this put you off, and learn from this. Let's hope nothing like that happens again. (Mark)

1. Back in the boat
2. Chaos 2
3. Chaos

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