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Christmas Head, Mich Term 2007

1st women's IV, Fit FaT IV (Nv 4+)

Coxed by: Cynthia Chi Hill

Fastest IV, winners of novice IVs
Time: 9:40
I only just noticed that this race was up, so I think it deserves a comment. The race was the 5th outing with the crew that raced, and it's was great that we had a good week to get used to rowing together. The first outing was not bad, but the best part was the every successive outing got a lot better than the previous one. We rowed at rate 32/34 very comfortably by the end of the week and definitely for the race, while still keeping strong and long strokes. Tom contributed greatly to our improvements by showing up *nearly* always on time and coaching all the outings. A great thanks to him from the whole crew, and to Cynthia for the amazing coxing of the outings and the race.

Now... about the race. There were three crews total entered in our category so were going for a win (a scarf or a shot glass, this was ours!). Being close to the end of the second division, the marshals were letting crews start racing very close to each other. We started about 4-5 lengths behind a Cam 99 crew in the same division as us. About 1k through, we caught up and as we were overtaking them right in front of King's Boathouse, the crew in front of them (some school boys IV), decided to cross on the other side of the river so our boat was in a non-existing gap between the two boats. After a lot of blade clashing, cox hitting (luckily not our cox), and stopping then restarting, neither boat let us go before them. As soon as we were off again, we overtook both the women's IV in front of us and the boys' IV and finished with a good sprint.

I reckon without stopping twice our time should have been around 9 min which is a really great result! Nice job girls! And we got medals, slightly less useful than either scarfs or shot glasses... (Julijana)
I would've said always nearly... The girls trained hard for the last week or two and I think the result is pretty good. Yeah buddy! (Tom C)

1. Wreaking havoc
2. Winding it up
3. Overtaking the boys

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