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Lent Bumps 2007

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Jij Chow

Bumped Christ's II
Good start procedure; we didn't panic, which is probably what made a major difference between us and some of the other crews. Scary stuff at the end, but we held it more or less together. I'll work on louder calls for tomorrow :). And sorry that Christ's cox. The late concession threw me for a stroke, and that stroke was just enough to flatten her and bend our bow rigger. whoops.

Anyway, solid-ish row, must be improved upon for tomorrow, where we face Homerton I. (Jij)
Started with swan-like grace and composure. The crew looked as relaxed as if it was a normal piece and ground Christs down slowly and definitely. Christs didn't concede until Sam was level with their cox, we were right in line with them so the boats locked and Christs were sent on up the bank. They rowed home so hopefully their boat isn't broken.

An excellent start but tomorrow is looking much tougher. I back us to pull something out of the bag if we hit the stride well and don't let the wind put us off. ('Wind' as in the weather, not the start procedure) (Dan Newton)
Quite fun. Fantastic first three draw strokes and controlled wind. Little bit of confusion about the stride, because half of us were already gunning for the bump. In the end we settled to a leisurely 35 and reeled them in before first post. From position six...

A dangerously late concession from the Christs cox, and quite a lot of lip on the way home. And I thought we were meant to be the arrogant bc! Still, at least we can row, although perhaps our holding it up needs working on. (Dan)
Rowed over
An excellent performance. We had an awful start but dealt with it calmly. By the time we were back straight and winding Christs had made quite an impression. Once we got going we held them but Homerton in front had already bumped out and Selwyn three in front followed shortly after.

The conditions were oceanic, especially on the reach, and Christs were a good deal faster than yesterday. The boys held it together admirably in what was a baptism of fire for many of them - having had no real rough water or wind experience.

We would probably have not caught Homerton with a good start and so the result was fair - just Christs got a little closer than we would have liked. Looks positive for the last two days as we collect Homerton's driftwood. (Dan Newton)
*sigh* Plenty of good things to take from this race, but not the result we were looking for.

Horrendous start (we need a bigger bankparty, guys!) with no-one in the bows ready for the first stroke. School boy error. Didn't crash altogether though (Well steered, Jij!), and Igor deserves special mention for a controlled wind with his blade half in.

After the crap draw strokes and tentative wind we got back into it, hitting a very comfortable 39 sprinting speed; the control in the start is such a plus. Nowhere near fast enough to catch Homerton though (well done, guys), and they bumped out in front of us by first post.

Race was made slightly more interesting by the terrible start and Christs II behind us going hell for leather for the bump back. They got within 3/4 of a length (although their bank party were positive it was 1/2), but were never in touch to be honest. Awful conditions on the reach meant the crews bunched a bit, but Jesus III didn't have what it takes alas, and bloody Christs II kept us rowing above 28 the whole way. (Dan)
I know I said I was looking forward to racing past first post corner for the first time in a bumps race, but come on, this is ridiculous! :P

Good recovery off the abysmal start, let's keep focused on friday and hopefully we won't have to do this ever again! (Sam Z)
Think the pictures capture something of the conditions - though I missed some of the choppiest stuff at the start of the Reach. (Martin P)
Bumped Robinson II
An imperial performance. Today's mission was codenamed 'Assassin' and to be executed quickly, cleanly and professionally.

Our swan start put us up on Binson immediately. When things were looking beyond doubt Homerton, who had bumped out ahead of Binson, started to swing out from their inside of the corner clearing position. Binson squeezed through and we had to take the corner very wide. Stroke side did a fabulous job swinging us back round and once straight the onslaught began in earnest. We were soon back to a length, half a length and then bump. Moved up consistently and powerfully, bumping just before grassy.

More of the same tomorrow barring any unforeseen mishaps. (Dan Newton)
Just like day 1, a buff start set us off well for the race. We drew, wound and sprinted well, didn't really bother striding until we saw Homerton looming in our path. A wide line and a gut-busting pull from strokeside neatly avoided a big crash.

Robinson went strong off the start, trying to avoid the fate that they'd suffered at the hands of our boathouse-mates. However, our boys had fire in their bellies after Mo's curry last night and it really showed in the push for the kill.

Good row lads, more of the same tomorrow please. It's been a pleasure coxing, make me proud tomorrow! (Jij)
Bumped Trinity Hall II
More of the same. A powerful start and reeled them by about the time we strode.

The focus for the row home was 'sexual'. 'Sexual' rowing is achieved by using either 'blue steel' or, for softer water work - 'le tigre', along with much flexing of the muscles (pronounced 'moose-clays'). The aim of 'sexual' rowing is to make as many females pregnant as possible merely by rowing past them. We obviously won't know quite how sexual we were for a month or so but there were definitely a few weak knees on the towpath. One lady even fell over. This may have been due to the crew 'wave' which M3 have incorporated into their one arm rowing exercise rather than leave their spare arm hanging uselessly behind their backs. (Dan Newton)
Up 3 lads, we might have deserved more but I'm immensely happy that the first time I did bumps I had such a crew behind me (or in front of me, really). Today's race was the day when all that training was given the chance to slice, dazzle and quite possibly outshine them all.

Our spirit carried us to the bumps, through the bumps and back from the bumps. And quite possibly a new call - bullet time slides, complete with sound effects. This was a performance we can really be proud of, from the May colours to the first timers. Go M3! Go First and Third!

It's been great. Hopefully won't be the last time I row with you guys. (Jij)
In hindsight we were probably unlucky in not joing the top four boats and winning our blades... but then again hindsight is such a wonderful thing. Two dubious outings leading up to Pembroke regatta left me fearing for my bumps average, but an excellent result on the day plus a week of good solid outings set us up nicely for bumps. Three quick bumps and a rowover in the most amazing head wind has made for a most enjoyable four days of racing. Not too bad at all :) (Sam Z)

1. Awesome!
2. Not squaring early.....
3. Chasing down Tit Hal...

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