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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2006

A 2600m head race upstream, from the A14 road bridge to the top finish at Chesterton footbridge.
Sat 21st October

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1st men's VIII, College VIIIs

9th; 4th of 9 college 1st VIIIs (to Kings by 6s)
Time: 9:45
A solid and committed row which we were all fairly pleased with. Disappointing to have lost to Kings and Pembroke by 6 seconds, but then we had all raced a couple of hours earlier in IVs. For a scratch crew at this stage of term the whole row was promising. (Phil)
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Light IV, College IV-

2nd of 5 coxless IVs (to LMBC by 2s)
Time: 10:10
We lost, despite posting the fastest time in recent years. On the plus side, this was our first outing without at least one of bow pair being badly hungover, and so it felt a lot better than it has. Also we only rated about 31, leaving the tank far from empty. Ten days, ten times harder. (Tom C)
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1st men's IV, The Arrows IV feat. Pedro 'The Viking' Cunha and Andy 'What Went' Wong, Upper College IV+

2nd of 10 in MC1 4+ (to Christ's by 28s)
Time: 10:55
One word, two syllables: glutamaxe. Like glutamine, only better. (BJ)
Almost the definition of a mediocre row. Nothing really went wrong, but then again nothing really went right. Now at least we know which areas of the race we need to work on.

We've got a week to make up approximately 30 seconds on our (hopefully) 2nd round opponents Christ's - a tall order, but we're taller. (Phil)
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2nd men's IV, Lower College IV+

Won Men's College Lower 4+; 4th of 17 coxed IVs
Time: 10:59
Not bad at all, kept the rating and application up to the end, passed two and a half womens crews, and dropped Maggie behind by a long way. Even had some blade clashing thrown in to wake us up at Ditton. (Neil)
woooooohoooooooo! My first coxing pot! Well done guys - you will be awesome in Uni IVs.

(Beat: Queens', LMBC, Fitz, Emma, Downing AND Corpus first IVs) (Erica)
Very satisfying; nothing exciting (apart from the Champs WVet? 8+ which tried to ram us as we passed) but once we started overtaking we decided to keep the habit up. (Rob)
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3rd men's (scratchtastic) IV, Lower College IV+

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1st women's IV, Upper College IV+

Won Women's College Upper 4+, fastest W4+
Time: 12:01
A bit rough around the edges, but considering that it was twice the length of our previous longest piece, and at a significanlty higher rating than said piece, it wasn't a bad effort overall. Just a pity that we never managed to overtake that VIII on the reach... (Jane)
Many things we can learn from this race that we will be looking to improve for Uni IVs, but nevertheless a good result which sets out our agenda clearly to the other entrants. (Erica)
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2nd women's IV, Lower College IV+

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's College VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Event Time</b> 5 King's College MC1 8+ 09:39 6 Pembroke College MC1 8+ 09:39 8 Emmanuel College MC1 8+ 09:43 <b>9 First and Third MC1 8+ 09:45</b> 12 Clare College MC1 8+ 10:04 13 Fitzwilliam College MC1 8+ 10:06 17 Darwin College MC1 8+ 10:16 18 Sidney Sussex MC1 8+ 10:19 21 Trinity Hall MC1 8+ 10:20</pre></p><h4>Men's College IV-s</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Event Time</b> 14 Lady Margaret MC1 4- 10:08 <b>16 First and Third MC1 4- 10:10</b> 24 Downing College (B) MC1 4- 10:24 29 Clare College (A) MC1 4- 10:35 46 Downing College (D) MC1 4- 11:05</pre></p><h4>Men's College IV+s</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Event Time</b> 26 Christ's College (A) MC1 4+ 10:27 <b>36 First and Third MC1 4+ 10:55</b> 38 King's College (A) MC1 4+ 10:58 <b>41 First and Third (A) MCL 4+ 10:59</b> 42 Queens' College (Disney) MC1 4+ 11:01 51 Christ's College (B) MCL 4+ 11:11 52 Lady Margaret (A) MC1 4+ 11:12 54 Emmanuel College (B) MCL 4+ 11:16 55 Fitzwilliam College (A) MC1 4+ 11:20 56 Emmanuel College (A) MC1 4+ 11:20 62 Fitzwilliam College (B) MCL 4+ 11:32 64 Lady Margaret (B) MCL 4+ 11:40 67 Downing College (C) MC1 4+ 11:41 69 Downing College (A) MC1 4+ 11:44 77 King's College (B) MCL 4+ 11:59 <b>78 First and Third (B) MCL 4+ 12:01</b> 86 Selwyn College MC1 4+ 12:09</pre></p><h4>Women's College VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Event Time</b> 70 Pembroke College WC1 8+ 11:44 80 Downing College WC1 8+ 12:02 91 Clare College WC1 8+ 12:15 96 Downing College WC1 8+ 12:23 97 Trinity Hall WC1 8+ 12:26 98 Lady Margaret WCL 8+ 12:28 113 Christ's College WC1 8+ 12:58</pre></p><h4>Women's College IV+s</h4><p><pre><b>Pos Crew Event Time</b> <b>79 First and Third WC1 4+ 12:01</b> 81 King's College WC1 4+ 12:03 85 Clare College (B) WCL 4+ 12:07 93 Lady Margaret WC1 4+ 12:19 95 Emmanuel College (B) WC1 4+ 12:23 102 Emmanuel College (A) WN 4+ 12:38 103 Clare College (B) WC1 4+ 12:40 104 Jesus College WCL 4+ 12:41 107 Newnham College (B) WCL 4+ 12:51 112 Newnham College (A) WC1 4+ 12:58 115 Robinson College WC1 4+ 13:02 118 Peterhouse WC1 4+ 13:08 <b>120 First and Third WCL 4+ 13:14</b> 124 Clare College (C) WCL 4+ 13:38</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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