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University IVs 2006

Light IV (Light IVs)

Coached by: Neil Talbott, Will Thorne,

Semi finals
lost to Jesus easily
The official verdict of 'easily' doesn't really tally with the view from the bank, but the fact that the official results come in at least three units is perhaps an indication of their reliability... (BJ)
The finish umpire said we lost by 2 seconds. Jesus were clearly a lot better than last year, and did a good job. We were a little shaky in the first part of the race, didn't deal with the strong wind as well as we might, but we stuck at it and gave ourselves every chance to get back into it in the second half. So I don't think there was anything wrong with the execution, it's more that we didn't get enough practise in, and I have to ask:

what if I hadn't injured my shoulder and missed two outings in the week before the race?

You can never, ever, say "we lost, but we gave it our best shot on the day so we can't complain". It just means you didn't train hard enough.

The trouble with these races is, if you win then you know that it's not important, doesn't mean anything, there's no big shiny trophy and the opposition probably weren't trying. But there's nothing worse than losing. (Tom C)
How could the light IV be expected to win as well as making a 'row-on' appearance in 'The Band of Brothers' (see photo)? I'm just glad the boys of FaT company made it out of Normandy unscathed. (Phil)

1. Light IV down plough...

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