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Fairbairn Cup 2006

2nd men's novice VIII rowing as 4th men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

Only 4th VIII (30th College VIII)
Time: 17:09.5
We were the top college 4th VIII, but I think that we were slightly tired from the v. sucessful row the day before. (Kristina)
As with the day before (a storming Novice Fairbairns for nm2), they started well within themselves. Obviously tired from the day before so catches were a little ropier by Chesterton but not bad. Finishes strong.

Depsite a mentally draining push to the railway bridge the commitment didn't flag. The rating started to rise as the catches sharpened up (required a bit of shouting from me, but that's what I'm there for) and the boat looked reasonable down the reach.

After a dodgy Ditton (my bad, called it a little early) the crew refocussed: I was AMAZED at the power in the last third. Rating was at its highest and every single member of the crew was giving it his all from the Plough onwards. Awesome to watch, and a fantastic culmination of a term's work. (Dan)

1. Going home
2. Back under Chesterton
3. Tight line under the...

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