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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2006

2nd men's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

6th overall, FASTEST 2nd VIII!
Time: 10:11
Just to clear it up, although rowing as the second boat in the womens first division, we are a mens crew.
We were certainly faster than the boats ahead of and behind us and the rest of the second novice division.

joint 6th & top 2nd boat!!!
Yeah!!!! (T.A. O'Neill)
you beat LMBC 1, Downing 1 and Caius 1...

Bwahahaha! (Lorry)
Amazing result, we beat so many first boats. All that training has really paid off. Now we just have to show the seniors what we can do tomorrow. (Sam)
Committed to the race plan well - look forward, draw high for the first half; look forward, backsplash for the second. Simple things that seem to have gone out of fashion.

Rate was perhaps a touch low for the first third and we lacked for a cox box. Everything else close to perfection: good pushes, fantastic line from Emma (again), lots of concentration and commitment down the reach. Good.

Tomorrow we need more of the same, with the emphasis on more. Concentration when tired will be key. Look up, sit up, shame the oppo when the going gets tough. (Dan)

1. During the recovery
2. Pushing into the rai...
3. Working those finish...

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