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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2006

2nd men's novice VIII (Student Beginner VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

15th in Student Beginners, 175th Overall
Time: 12:02
Pressuring Caius nth boat all the way down to the start was fun, with some excellent coxing by Emma. Lads looked good and it wasn't even that cold.

The rolling start was delayed slightly because of said Caius boat spakking about on first post reach, but went well once the marshal allowed us to go. Heads were up, blade work in the water fairly pleasing.

Corners were excellent - bow four and cox working very well with good power laid down by stern four. Legs push down Plough Reach picked the rating back up after Grassy (24ish), and similarly after Ditton.

I was impressed by the commitment on The Reach given the work already laid down. Forearms were starting to go (I told you!) leading to sloppier squaring/ bladework. That said, we only had two crabs in the race and both times the crew recomposed within five strokes.

I think they were the second fastest second novice crew after Queens', beating Magdalene first novices and comfortably thrashing other seconds. Definitely have it them to row as a first boat, with two lengths to find in the catches and suspension before Clare Novices. Bring it. (Dan)

1. At the finish
2. The 2nd novice men
3. Coming forward

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