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Christmas Head, Mich Term 2006

1st 'Winter' Men's VIII (College Men's VIIIs)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Won College Men's VIII
Time: 7:46
Okay, we won, but to be fair the top competition were dressed as Xmas presents. Incidentally, they (LMBC) won the prize for fancy dress, but since they'd buggered off by the prize giving, it got awarded to someone else. The race wasn't too bad, given the 'training' we'd done. Rated as high as we could and it all came right. Very disconcerting coxing upstream through the Elizabeth Way corner at speed. Continuing the theme of novelty presents this term, we got a shot glass. Nice. The last one (a scarf) was actually useful today as I had a sore throat. As I write this, several hours later, I can't speak properly anymore. (Andy)
I was pleasantly surprised by the level of technique in this scratch VIII - lots of us hadn't rowed for a long time, and we drew members from all the levels of the club.

Certainly a good amount of power in the middle of the stroke, although it would have been nice to keep the finishes in a bit longer. This had felt okay in the practice outing (read 'a last ditch attempt to kill or cure Dan's hangover') but went totally on race day. Lots of fun afterwards comparing forearms and the associated burning pain. The rate stayed well up - in no small part due to Coker and Sills in the stern - although this did mean the boat was suicidally heavy at the catch. Every stroke a max weights test... fun.

(All good for the legs, and it'll be nothing compared to the power going down as we round Ditton in Lents xx) (Dan)
Lots of sunshine, hit a duck, held boat at heads for ten minutes, ate mince pies and a won shot glass... Beats sitting in the lab on a Saturday afternoon ;) (Sam)

1. Approaching the finish
2. Finish in sight
3. Passing Trinity boat...

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