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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2006

2nd men's IV (Lower College IV+)

Coxed by: Erica Thompson

Won Men's College Lower 4+; 4th of 17 coxed IVs
Time: 10:59
Not bad at all, kept the rating and application up to the end, passed two and a half womens crews, and dropped Maggie behind by a long way. Even had some blade clashing thrown in to wake us up at Ditton. (Neil)
woooooohoooooooo! My first coxing pot! Well done guys - you will be awesome in Uni IVs.

(Beat: Queens', LMBC, Fitz, Emma, Downing AND Corpus first IVs) (Erica)
Very satisfying; nothing exciting (apart from the Champs WVet? 8+ which tried to ram us as we passed) but once we started overtaking we decided to keep the habit up. (Rob)

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