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Mich Term 2006

1st men's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (Upper College IV+), The Arrows IV feat. Pedro 'The Viking' Cunha and Andy 'What Went' Wong

2nd of 10 in MC1 4+ (to Christ's by 28s)
Time: 10:55
One word, two syllables: glutamaxe. Like glutamine, only better. (BJ)
Almost the definition of a mediocre row. Nothing really went wrong, but then again nothing really went right. Now at least we know which areas of the race we need to work on.

We've got a week to make up approximately 30 seconds on our (hopefully) 2nd round opponents Christ's - a tall order, but we're taller. (Phil)
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University IVs (1st division)

1st round
beat Trinity Hall II by 100m
Our final week's preparation was disrupted by the last minute substitution of Pedro Cunha for Darren Anderton and the breaking of our rudder on Saturday, so we were unable to do many long pieces. We quite fancied doing one today, but unfortunately the safety car came out just before grassy and we had to paddle through the plough reach at 28 going down to 24 before being allowed to overtake on the reach.

In other news, Darren slipped into the river while trying to get out of the boat by the lock, much to the amusement of all who saw. (BJ)
Andy's hands may as well have been taped up like pig trotters and we still would have won. (Dan Newton)
What are you going to do when Sicknote suffers his bidiurnal hamstring twinge before tomorrow's race? (Neil T)
Technically, I have raced at 2 before... (Andy)
100m is not easy. Apparently. (Phil)
Quarter finals
lost to Christ's by 14s
The dream is dead. Long live the dream.

If this had been a competition based on whose college represented more of the faces of God then we'd have been home and dry; unfortunately it was about rowing and the better crew won.

Darren managed to get out of the boat and back in again on two occasions without getting wet. (BJ)
Not a bad row by any means. We probably could have gone quicker, but not 14 seconds quicker. By the sounds of things we were about a length or so down on them coming into Ditton, at which point we hit the cross wind and obviously failed to cope with it as well as them. I think the uncomfortable conditions suited them a little better than us (they relying more on grunt than anything else), but even in perfect conditions we would still have lost, just not by quite as much. (Phil)

1. Comfortable win
2. Crossing the finish
3. Overtaking

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Fairbairn Cup - IVs (College IVs), Light IV with a vengeance

Time: 11:49.8
All came together and we did what we planned on the start line - won.

I agree with Andy's sentiment; winning pots is far superior. When we tried to drink out of our scarves it was a total disaster. (Dan)
Well, coxing a light IV, I don't get much more redundant than that :-) Took a minute or so to get together, understandably given everyone's excursions in the race before. Thereafter, the crew coped very well with the conditions and extra weight. Solid performance. Got scarfs (scarves?) instead of pots. Nice change, but I guess I'm a bit of a traditionalist.

edit: exertions, not excursions... (Andy)
A confession is needed here. I thought that the Jesus and Downing entries might be their light fours, so this could've been a chance for payback. Thus, totally against the spirit of the competition, we had a practise outing on Wednesday to set the boat up correctly. With this advantage it's hardly surprising that we won by 25 seconds, even though the legs didn't allow the rate to go much over 32.

At least 1) we were man enough to race it, unlike the eights that beat us, and 2) we did pretty well at keeping the blades in the water longer, which was our technical aim for the race. (Tom C)

1. Winning men's IV fro...
2. Winning men's IV fro...
3. Winning men's IV fro...

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