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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2006

A side by side knock out regatta along the reach over 1000m
Sun 28th May

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1st women's VIII, 1st division

Semi finals
lost to Newnham by a length
Embarrassing. Simply put, we rowed badly and let them have the better of us. (Amelia)
Horrible. I was so angry afterwards, even going for a run didn't cheer me up. (Jane)

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2nd men's VIII, 1st division

1st round
Lost to Catz by a length
Pretty feisty row, they did kind of cruise away after the start, but we kept in touch all the way down the course even apparently coming back a little round the corner under the railway bridge.
Given the fact they were full of blues and we were in a bath tub I reckon we can be proud of this one. (Will)
Plate semi finals
Lost to Tit Hall by 3/4 length
It looked for a fair while like this was a contest, but maybe we were a bit tired and our stride wasnt so rythmic as before so they got the better of us in the second half, but I think we put up a decent fight.
Good to see they had to resort to heckling Albert to win! (Will)
Today's races were far better rows than we've had in recent outings, and definitely something positive to take home. We'll see how things pan out once we get our hands on TR2 again.

At the time I wasn't sure if it was Will or myself being heckled, but to be honest, there's no better motivator to row well than some foolish opposition cox telling you that you might be about to blow up. Underhand tactics will get you nowhere. (Albert)
I reckon these would've been good races if we'd had a proper racing boat. I'm pretty sure we were up on Hall after 20 strokes, then they were gonna stride at exactly the same time as us so I kind of ignored the call (sorry boys). But once you get to cruising speed, the fat hull is a handicap too far. (Tom C)
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3rd Men's Eight for 99s Regatta, Men's lower division

1st round
Beat Wolfson 2 by 1/4 length
With four guys from the 3rd VIII, three guys from the 5th VIII, super sub Sam Zhang at bow, and yours truly steering an 8+ for the very first time, it really is an imaginative leap to describe this crew as The 3rd VIII.

Nevertheless, we somehow made it to the start without breaking Richard Church (which by the way steers absolutely fine). Our start was inspired, and we pulled in to a healthy 2/3 length lead down the outside of the Reach. But as the guys tired, the stroke length came down and the rhythm became pretty rushed. Wolfson started coming back around the outside of the railway bridge corner, but our guys hung in there and managed to limit their losses, crossing the line a few seats ahead.

A pretty impressive first performance from a crew that defines the word 'scratch'. (Albert)
2nd round
Unfortunately Lorry was feeling very poorly and began to eject the contents of his stomach while rowing to the start for the second round. We decided to take the prudent option and head for home, making sure to mess up the steering around Chesterton on the way back. (Albert)
I do apologise for that, but giving it my all to stop Wolfson pipping us at the post didn't fare too well!

Would have liked to have tried the next round, but was certain I would have blacked out :S:S (Lorry)

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4th men's VIII, Grad VIII, Men's lower division

1st round
lost to Clare II (1.5 lengths)
A crew a division and a half above us and we held them more or less on station until someone lost a seat, but I think we gave up once they were out of sight.

We weren't very satisfied with this row and our practice starts were a disaster.

We were not very together and we have enough power to go much faster. (Neil)
Plate quarter finals
Won (opponents Scratched)
De fault, the two sweetest words in the english language. (Neil)
Plate semi finals
Lost to Peterhouse II (2 lengths)
Did feel like a better row in periods, but still pretty shoddy. The row back wasn't great either.

Had a three subs and someone swapping sides again, hopefully that explains not rowing together! Time to focus for the last few weeks and hopefully get a consistent crew.

Again Peterhouse were a division above us, shame we didn't have a race with a crew around us at bumps. Having said that we should be beating third division crews!!

Neil (Neil)

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5th men's VIII, Men's lower division

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FaT/Christs/Darwin composite, Mixed VIIIs

Quarter finals
won by default against Corpus (scratched in fear)
They were scared of our power and might and didn't turn up so we sat around at Ditton and bantered with the boys. (Amelia)
Semi finals
beat St Radegund B by about half the course
Having four men in a boat makes a big difference I've realised - we started this race off at 40-41ish, nice and powerful (well, middle four at least) and took a length in the first three strokes. After this Ellen called a series of down-2's and we paddled over the line at about 22. (Amelia)
beat St Radegund A easily
Wound to 43, nice. We did the majority of the race at about 26 though, not wanting to tire ourselves out too much, and took it up to 36ish to cross the line. Barrel of beer, pots and comedy flavoured beer from Karthik too - result! :D (Amelia)

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