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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2006

4th men's VIII, Grad VIII (Men's lower division)

Coxed by: R.R. Fenn

1st round
lost to Clare II (1.5 lengths)
A crew a division and a half above us and we held them more or less on station until someone lost a seat, but I think we gave up once they were out of sight.

We weren't very satisfied with this row and our practice starts were a disaster.

We were not very together and we have enough power to go much faster. (Neil)
Plate quarter finals
Won (opponents Scratched)
De fault, the two sweetest words in the english language. (Neil)
Plate semi finals
Lost to Peterhouse II (2 lengths)
Did feel like a better row in periods, but still pretty shoddy. The row back wasn't great either.

Had a three subs and someone swapping sides again, hopefully that explains not rowing together! Time to focus for the last few weeks and hopefully get a consistent crew.

Again Peterhouse were a division above us, shame we didn't have a race with a crew around us at bumps. Having said that we should be beating third division crews!!

Neil (Neil)

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