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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2006

3rd Men's Eight for 99s Regatta (Men's lower division)

Coxed by: Albert Cheung

1st round
Beat Wolfson 2 by 1/4 length
With four guys from the 3rd VIII, three guys from the 5th VIII, super sub Sam Zhang at bow, and yours truly steering an 8+ for the very first time, it really is an imaginative leap to describe this crew as The 3rd VIII.

Nevertheless, we somehow made it to the start without breaking Richard Church (which by the way steers absolutely fine). Our start was inspired, and we pulled in to a healthy 2/3 length lead down the outside of the Reach. But as the guys tired, the stroke length came down and the rhythm became pretty rushed. Wolfson started coming back around the outside of the railway bridge corner, but our guys hung in there and managed to limit their losses, crossing the line a few seats ahead.

A pretty impressive first performance from a crew that defines the word 'scratch'. (Albert)
2nd round
Unfortunately Lorry was feeling very poorly and began to eject the contents of his stomach while rowing to the start for the second round. We decided to take the prudent option and head for home, making sure to mess up the steering around Chesterton on the way back. (Albert)
I do apologise for that, but giving it my all to stop Wolfson pipping us at the post didn't fare too well!

Would have liked to have tried the next round, but was certain I would have blacked out :S:S (Lorry)

1. Sam just had to be d...
2. rah!
3. "don't even thi...

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