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Lowe Double Sculls, May Term 2006

Coker and Squires (Mixed 2x)

Double sculls
in Hambleden
Tom Coker
Beat LMBC (scratched)
It's worth recording that the enemy were too scared to even bother turning up. (Tom C)
Semi finals
Beat Jesus in a rerow
Time: 8:26
Is three dead heats in a day some sort of record?! (BJ)
Believe it or not, as far as I know it only equals it! (Martin P)
Record or otherwise, I wasn't best pleased, and must apologise for telling the umpire to "go away".

Maybe we should've won it, we went wide round grassy, and fell apart a bit in a very windy reach. The shorter re-row suited us as they'd been having trouble getting the rate up, so we just caned it. The official time was 2:00 which is at least 15 seconds slower than what we doing last week, ouch.

They had a Blue and a previous winner of the Fairbairn sculls. Chlo got binned and I got whipped yesterday. I reckon that counts as a score. (Tom C)
Beat Corpus
I tried to delay the start as long as possible, I was shaking to the point it was hard getting in the boat. We were confident of beating a lighter crew in a headwind, but they were pretty tidy.

Down first post we were very smooth, even though the legs were already burning. I think that extra bit of efficiency allowed us to pull away on the reach, to win by about 4 seconds.

So I should get my name written up in gold letters in the weights room, which is, let's be honest, exactly where it belongs. Much thanks to Dan, who once again won the race for us, and the guys who wrote the words on the bridge. (Tom C)

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