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Lent Term 2006

5th men's VIII

Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

2nd of 2 5th VIII's, beat four 'higher' crews
Time: 7:15
The conditions for this race were not exactly optimal... two coxes and seven actual rowers, two of whom were rowing on the wrong side, going out for a first outing ever using macons in a novice shell with a bent rudder. The row down was unsurprisingly poor. The fifteen-minute wait at the start gave us a chance to get our priorities straight, though, and once we actually set off things felt much better (no doubt having a Maggie VIII to push off helped things along).

Apparently we beat four crews which were officially higher than ours... But the really heartening things about this race were (A) the paddling at the start of our row home - now everyone knows what to aim for in future outings - and (B) We beat last year's 5th VIII, who were the fastest non-qualifying crew in the Getting-On Race. Three weeks to get things together now, guys... Bumps is starting to look like a definite possibility. (Magnus Jones)
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Pembroke Regatta (3rd division)

1st round
Lost by about a seat to St. Edmunds 3
We were cruising along about 3/4 length in frnt for most of the race until disaster struck on our "push for 10" off the bridge, virtually the entirety of stroke-side lost their seats, giving St. Edmund's the chance to catch up and us losing by about one seat. Well done anyway guys, on a positive note, no-one crabbed! (Andy)
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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

Got on - only 5th VIII in the Lent Bumps
A very tidy and committed row at an efficient 30+. Fingers crossed that we had the raw power to back it up - we'll find out later tonight! (BJ)
Nice one guys! This certainly felt like the best row I've ever been a part of (barring a scary line round grassy corner, but let's not mention that again). Seems we beat Christ's IV by at least 10 places- and quite right too considering we were faster than their entire VIII when rowing in sixes.

So it looks like blades for M5 this year! No, really... (Charles)
Well rowed guys! :-D :-D :-D

Martin tells me you are the first FaT 5th VIII in the Lents for five years. Nice one. (Albert)
Here's the data! The men's races were reduced from 5 divisions to 4 in 1998, we've had 5 VIIIs only twice since then. (Martin)
And (courtesy of the book, cheers Martin) you have to go back to 1984 to find a 5th Lent VIII before the 1995 one on the website. (Richard)
Getting on Race felt like the best piece of rowing I ever had. I agree with Charlie - we should go for the blades! (Mat)

1. Nearing the finish
2. On the Reach
3. Still tidy on the Reach

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Lent Bumps

Bumped by St. Edmund's II
We had the measure on Fitz III from the very start but unfortunately - as seems to be our nature - seeing another boat coming up towards us got the better of us, heads went down as did the speed. Tomorrow with clear water behind us - i'm sure we can claim back from Eddies what is rightfully ours, and give them back their title of arse of the river! (Slacker)
Rowed over
Sorry guys, no pictures of you yet - you can blame BumpIT! I'll be sure to make it down in time to see you tomorrow. (Martin)
Rowed over
Good row today guys - congratulations on retaining the 5th VIII headship for another day. Those thirty-five strokes you took before hitting carnage were well worth the row down to the lock and back :-D

In all seriousness, you looked smooth and in control today. Here's hoping for a good race on saturday and that long overdue bump on Jesus (even if they don't park it like they did today). (Albert)
That was surely our shortest race... Anyway, I think we got into quite nice pace and rythm - were it not for the carnage under Motorway Bridge, we might have at least make Fitz nervous...

This Saturday - making Jesus IV get their well deserved spoons. (Mat)
Well, while the race was somewhat short, at least it snowed on the way back... (Cakeman)

1. Across the finishing...
2. Jesus stretch out an...
3. At the catch

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