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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2006

4th men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: R.R. Fenn

19th overall, 3rd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 8:48
A decent row! Got off to a good start then settled into a nice race rate of about 32. Good coxing round the corners and some hard pushes kept the boat speed high and the coaching is really showing - connection felt much better on the catch. We also beat three of the five crews ahead of us in the bumps (with one no show on Christ's part and a slender 2 second gap behind top third boat LMBC III). It's all starting to come together nicely and maybe if we race with a boat which isn't full of water in the "waterproof hull" we can cut those last 2 seconds off LMBC III (and the 4 behind the gents boat...). (A.J. Sugden)
Row was solid with some good pushes out of corners really keeping the boat moving. We beat plenty of boats around us in bumps and I can't help feeling with a little more work we could really make the boat (hopefully not still Richard Church) fly in Pembroke and bumps, maybe even put the gents in their place. (Will)
Pretty decent row all round. Nice to see Albert's resorting to stealing our blades and our boat in order to keep his boat faster though ;) (Sam)
Oops, we didn't think about the blade issue... Sorry! Not convinced it was your boat though. (BJ)
TR2 isn't your boat, it belongs to the 2nds!! We nicked it from them fair and square :-)

But yeah, a very impressive result from the 3rds; both of our '3rd' VIII's are now amongst the top four 3rd VIII's on the river. Here's hoping for more solid progress between now and Bumps. (Albert)
We decided on around rate 28-30 before the race, we wound it up to 33ish... and there it stayed! Rich kindly letting us carry like that.

Better coxing and better technique saw us make a huge improvement after Short Course, with a couple more weeks of coaching and a better boat... We should cause some mayhem come bumps :D (Lorry)
Much better row than last week, we've improved (through endless early morning outings), but can still get better earn our place at the bumps and hopefully get blades.

Interesting row though, not quite to race plan, good wind to 32, settling into a solid 33??? but we managed to sustain it all the way, but d'oh no bank party so no good photos (thats what bank parties are for really), apart from those beautiful images of paul making strange faces.

Well done guys. (M. Yarr)

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