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Lent Term 2006

4th men's VIII

Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

4th out of 6 3rd VIII's
Time: 6:24
The 4th VIII may have beaten us but we're better than them really!It was a good row for our first race in this crew, couple of points to sort out, but otherwise well done guys!

Chaos on the way back as we tried to pull over onto the far side of the river in order to replace the womens dodgy cox-box. Boats at all angles before we eventually managed to pass it across! (L. Carr)
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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

19th overall, 3rd fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 8:48
A decent row! Got off to a good start then settled into a nice race rate of about 32. Good coxing round the corners and some hard pushes kept the boat speed high and the coaching is really showing - connection felt much better on the catch. We also beat three of the five crews ahead of us in the bumps (with one no show on Christ's part and a slender 2 second gap behind top third boat LMBC III). It's all starting to come together nicely and maybe if we race with a boat which isn't full of water in the "waterproof hull" we can cut those last 2 seconds off LMBC III (and the 4 behind the gents boat...). (A.J. Sugden)
Row was solid with some good pushes out of corners really keeping the boat moving. We beat plenty of boats around us in bumps and I can't help feeling with a little more work we could really make the boat (hopefully not still Richard Church) fly in Pembroke and bumps, maybe even put the gents in their place. (Will)
Pretty decent row all round. Nice to see Albert's resorting to stealing our blades and our boat in order to keep his boat faster though ;) (Sam)
Oops, we didn't think about the blade issue... Sorry! Not convinced it was your boat though. (BJ)
TR2 isn't your boat, it belongs to the 2nds!! We nicked it from them fair and square :-)

But yeah, a very impressive result from the 3rds; both of our '3rd' VIII's are now amongst the top four 3rd VIII's on the river. Here's hoping for more solid progress between now and Bumps. (Albert)
We decided on around rate 28-30 before the race, we wound it up to 33ish... and there it stayed! Rich kindly letting us carry like that.

Better coxing and better technique saw us make a huge improvement after Short Course, with a couple more weeks of coaching and a better boat... We should cause some mayhem come bumps :D (Lorry)
Much better row than last week, we've improved (through endless early morning outings), but can still get better earn our place at the bumps and hopefully get blades.

Interesting row though, not quite to race plan, good wind to 32, settling into a solid 33??? but we managed to sustain it all the way, but d'oh no bank party so no good photos (thats what bank parties are for really), apart from those beautiful images of paul making strange faces.

Well done guys. (M. Yarr)
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Pembroke Regatta (Lower division)

1st round
Beat Caius III by half a length
A real nip and tuck race! A strong start put us up half a length on the common side before Caius came back due to the bend on the reach and ended up half a length up on us. We blitzed round underneath the railway bridge and a strong burst brought us back to half a length in front. Caius pushed hard on the inside of the corner and were catching on us towards the finish but we were too stong and held them off. (A.J. Sugden)
Not a bad race this one, very good start by us but caius came back, three seats up about half way down the reach, but good coxing by rich led us into our first push and we drew back coming under the railway bridge and with good timing caught back to be 2/3 seats up. We then pushed into a good lead holding them off as we took the outside of the last corner with firm strokes taking us into the next round, finishing just over half a length up. (Martin Y)
2nd round
Beat Selwyn III by 3/4 of a length
Another close run affair! A strong start from the Selwyn crew gave them half a length advantage when lengthened to a length by the railway bridge, but a bit of a crafty line by Richard saw us clashing blades with the Selwyn crew before again a huge push off the railway bridge propelled us towards them and we even survived a half crab to stretch the lead to half a length by the end of the race. (A.J. Sugden)
Simply the best race ever:) We were easily a length down going into the bridge, but we came back soooo strongly.

After hearing Oxford's cox in the boat race, it seems that they've been copying Richard's motivational calls:) (Paul)
Probably our best race of the day, we felt this one would be easier than our first race but it was far more satisfying in the end.
A strong start left us in good stead and we drew almost to the railway bridge just about neck and neck only 1/2 seats down, then came our best push of the day; with the first stroke the boat lifted and we took 2 seats out of selywn, our bank party (the one legged rower will) noted our drive even from his position, then through steadfast coxing and intrepid stearing Rich took us on an aggressive line and shouted his row through the bladeclash call, Rob had some good strokes clashing with the 2 seat of their boat not allowing him to enter the water square and we took our advantage pushing all the way to the line.

The most notable call of the day was Rich's, "We're going to f**k them out of this corner", bold aggression and we loved it. Thoroughly good row guys, kept it together throughout the entire race. (Martin Y)
Semi finals
Beat St Edmund's by a few lengths twice...
A completely bizarre row. When we arrived to marshal we were told that, as the cox of the 99s had cut his face on barbed wire so they couldn't row in the semis. Then we were told we had to row the course even though we had no competition, so grudgingly we set off down the reach to do our pre-final "lap of honour". However, when we span past Ditton corner, we were promptly told we would be racing against a crew, this crew being Eddie's (who FaT 5 were very unfortnate not to have beaten earlier in the day by all accounts). We drew up to the start and looked up to see a horse bolting down the towpath and causing all sorts of mayhem to bank parties and spectators (one person had to be treated by the on site medical staff). With the horse well down the reach, the race began. We started off very strongly and it was quickly apparent that Eddie's weren't going to offer too much resistance - we had taken two lengths on them on the outside of the reach when we were suddenly told to hold it up. Not having a clue what was going on, we paddled to the end of the course and were told, not only the horse, but two barges had held up race proceedings and several races were to be re-rowed, including ours despite the distance we had opened up on Eddie's. The second row was much like the first with a strong start taking a length on them on the outside with a controlled row down the reach and another push under the railway bridge to take us comfortably into the final... (A.J. Sugden)
Well before this race we thought we had a by to the final as a nine's crew had dropped out after a nasty accident had befallen one of their rowers who managed to walk into rusty barbed wire while trying to take a leak and ended up in A&E for all his trouble. Then just as we were spinning after Ditton we found out we were racing a St. Edmunds 3rd eight, but soon worked out that this was the crew that only just beat the 5ths and that was probably due to some unfortunate not stay on your seat moments, so thought we could still have a fairly easy row.
Just as we were about to draw up for the start of our race a loose horse comes at a good gallop around Ditton tearing up the towpath with everyone
scattering for their lives, so much for and uneventful race.
Well we started, drew strongly into a good half a length lead, then into a length lead, then a good push took us more than two lengths clear then everyone on the bank started screaming and we easied just before the railway bridge a long way up from the Eddie's boat.
Some git had decided that this would be a good time to bring a pair of barges down the river and we would have to rerow.
After an age waiting for boats to sort themselves out as we sat in the middle of the river 100 yards past the railway bridge the marshals finally decided to get us back up the reach albeit amidst a couple of 1st boats doing a semi-final and various other eights, the crews racing in front of us in our division also had to spin and come back from much much closer to the finish line much to one of their annoyances and following them one the row back up the reach was the pretty good Jesus 1st boat that went on to lose in the final to our 1st men, with a very tidy (good looking) cox who at once told all eights near her that she would be going through the middle of them so they all scuttered out of her way and we eventually made it down for our rerow.
Now starting afresh we went of fairly good, not as aggressive as last time but still very good pressure and drew up to a length and a halfs lead over Eddie's then pretty much just held it with various pushes and drives finishing a good 2/3 lengths up, having easied a fair bit before the line. (Martin Y)
Beaten by Jesus III by an "undisclosed distance" (approximately very small)
We shouldn't feel downheartened for this loss, as we rowed well pushed well, but were maybe just that little bit tired after 3+1/2 races. Very good aggression again by Rich and good rowing all round, but think we just lost out on sheer power.

Also this supposed Jesus 3rd eight, was pretty much their second eight (Jesus only ended up entering boats into M1 and Mlower divisions) and contained pretty much all their second eight rowers.

But for a days rowing this was very very good and puts us in good stead for bumps. (Martin Y)
What can I say, a good row but unfortunately Jesus III were a class above over the short distance. For the first time we were on the towpath station, much to our dismay at losing our lucky path! A strong start by Jesus saw them take half a length on us which they extended round the bend on the outside from which point they never looked back. To our credit, we didn't let our heads drop and put in a gutsy performance, using the same pushes and trying to keep the boat together, but unfortnately it wasn't enough. Maybe not the best way to end the day, but it was our first final and we held our own in two close races, perhaps suggesting we've got the mental toughness to go that extra yard for those elusive bumps in just over a week's time!

However, comedy moment of the day must be the banter between Lorry and the Jesus cox when we were lining up:
Lorry: "Hope you don't catch crabs!"
Jesus cox: "You'll be seeing our arses all the way through the race!"
Lorry: "So you're going to be behind us...." (A.J. Sugden)

1. Overtaking Selwyn
2. Marshalling
3. Into the final!

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Battle for the Fleeces (1st division), The Keen Boat

Lost by a length
As a not-so-keen sub the whole trying thing seemed a bit excessive but I decided to give it a try for once. We rowed down to find the beer boat poncing about on the bank outisde the Plough - they obviously thought it was a real regatta and got confused by the lack of marshalls, river closure or opposition...

We were racing on the meadow side. Rachel attempted to line us up and once we had made sure that we had drifted all the way into the bank we got a rather panicked "Attention... GO!". The start was OK but not spectacular - at least we have an excuse! We wound it up and I was pleased to note that the Gent's cracked and were the first to stride. We held the higher rate for a little longer and even moved into the lead briefly.

The gents' had the inside line and started to creep ahead, at which point we panicked slightly. We never managed to quite settle into the long, powerful rhythm required but at least it was better than the "piece" I'd just done with the 6th eight...

By the railway bridge we were about a length down but a reasonable push into the bridge and an even better push out saw us pull it back to only half a length down. Alas, the Gents' had the inside line on the final corner and managed to push away again. We finished to a big cheer from the now 3rd eight about a length down.

It was a decent row - plenty of effort but thinking about efficiency between now and bumps could provide a huge speed increase.

While we were having the debrief in the crew room, Albert came in to say that actually the Gents' didn't want the fleeces. Obviously not content with stealing the boat, they wanted the moral high ground too... It's a small consolation but at least you guys won't get so cold marshalling for bumps :) (Tom)
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Lent Bumps

Bumped Downing III
Down Down(ing), deeper and down!

A good start with Queen's III in our sights for tomorrow with a weeker Peterhouse II in front of QIII, leaving an interesting day's racing tomorrow! (Andy S.)
This was an awesome race!!!! It was a confident bump if not a little later than it should have been! I was very proud of our boys today, well done guys it was a thoroughly deserved bump hopefully every day will go as well, touch wood! (Amy)
Bumped (almost) by the motorway bridge, good start and a good row, taking downing apart with ease.

Queen's tomorrow! (Martin Y)

We started ok, strode to a length, then to half a length, then pushed to overlap. Richard then decided to overtake, and we bumped just after the motorway bridge when we blade clashed.

Awesome line on Richards part, just hope he goes for the bump rather than the overtake next time!

BUMP!! (Paul)
As we rowed up we saw Downing looking scruffy in non-matching kit and what looked like an antique of a boat, we were confident and rightly so. We gained half a length after the wind and we were into a push as soon as the stride! WE could've bumped slightly quicker since Rich decided to row along side them!! However the bump was inevitable and after a blade clash we got the bump just after the motorway bridge!

More of the same tomorrow...

Ra Ra First and Third!! (Lorry)
Bumped Queens' III
Another sexy row from the guys. The row up to the start was definitly one of a confident crew ready to bump and their solid practice start no doubt intimidated the queens crew behind them. Everything looked in place for a good bump! And indeed one did follow and quickly!!! It was also helped by the fact that Queen's started at an interesting angle on the river, but most definitly a well deserved victory for the guys! (Amy)
What more can we say? Bumped in under 30 strokes! An awful start by Queens meant we again caught up to a length very quickly. A faulty cox box struck again in the bows but we felt the push from stern four and joined in and before we knew it we'd rammed into 'em good 'n' proper! It would have been a bit more of a bump instead of a ram if the Queens cox had conceeded when Sam hit their boat five times, but no matter. Half way to the fabled blades then. Peterhouse II lie in our way next... (Andy S.)
Wasn't feeling well so wanted a quick bump... and we got it, 25 or so strokes, on the first corner before the motorway bridge... Well done guys! More of the same tomorrow!

As an extra their cox got a fine for not conceeding, mwahaha!! (Lorry)
Lorry mentioned that he wanted a quick bump, as he was feeling ill- and he got one:) Its a great feeling seeing the other boat out of the corner of your eyes before you've been told to stride!

Pity their cox refused to concede despite being struck several times by sam's blade... but we rammed them anyway:)

BUMP!! (Paul)
Good stuff FaT M4. You're bumping almost as quickly as the 4th Lent VIII in 2003 of which I was a part. But don't get too complacent just yet. Bumps can throw up some funny situations - we'd bumped 3 times within about 25 strokes - and then something, um, unfortunate happened.... (Richard)
It was a good start, then we heard the whistle and thought ah a length, good one, then noticed the whistle was continuous so pushed those last two strokes and felt our bow hit there stern nice and hard, bumpage!
30 strokes hardly feels like a row though, but our long piece on the way home felt pretty tasty so even if we actually have to do some rowing, Peterhouse II are going to get their arses kicked!! (Martin Y)
Bumped Peterhouse II
The row up felt quite good today- very smooth in places. We were all very up for it today, and aware that we might have to row for a slightly longer period than before. The start was smooth, and although queens maybe closed a little on us, we settled into a semi-decent stride, and quickly closed to a length, and then half a length. As we rounded first post corner, we noticed we had overlap, quickly bumped them.

Our bows are looking quite special- we've got paint on them from all the crews we've bumped.:)

Let's get Catz tomorrow. (Paul)
Not the sexiest of our rows as our bank party would say, but it got the job done! A bit of an untidy start meant we slipped down about half a length on Peterhouse II and the Queens boat that we bumped yesterday closed the gap, but we stuck to our game plan, wound up to about 38 then actually had a stride (although it was only to 36...). With the high rate, we were a bit scrappy, but we started closing the gap on Peterhouse and got to a length just past the motorway bridge. We heard Fitz bump the spooning St Catz boat (we hope!) and ploughed through the middle with about quarter of a length between us when we reached the start of first post corner where we thoroughly smashed into them, making a bit of a mess of our bow section. Strangely tired (we haven't had to take a stroke side corner in bumps before!) and having rowed pretty spackily, I was still fairly ecstatic. Just one more bump... (Andy S.)

Our start was consistent with our mood I think, confident and not too aggressive but our wind to 38 brought us the speed with needed and we even got to stride, yay!!
Damn good bump into 1st post completely smashed up our bows, now we have three pretty colours on our bows purple, green and blue!!!
It'll be claret coloured streaks tomorrow. (who in their right mind has claret coloured blades?) (Martin Y)
Well its safe to say the boys have been getting a little cocky of late. Boasting of all their quick bumps but today they proved that they were fantastic at the slightly longer stretches, having to row a little longer than their usual 30 or so strokes and having to "stride for the first time" as certain members of the crew continuely pointed out. But it was a very good race and a well deserved bump, the peterhouse start was a strong one but they just couldnt sustain it throughout the race and the sight of our boys gaining on them obviously must have been disheartening!! Well done guys, tomorrow is the clincher...good luck!!! (Amy)
Bumped St. Catharine's II
Absolutely awesome!!!!! I am so proud of all you guys you really deserved this well done!!! Though on your row home i think you made a few of the other crews wonder exactly how you bladed...there was definitly some interesting coxing going on from lorry and some even more interesting rowing from rich but all in all your one damn sexy boat!!!! (Amy)
I love you guys. (Albert)
BUMP!! BLADES!!! We may have been the most arrogant crew on the river, but we delivered! (Will)
Get in. Blades. Delighted.

We weren't arrogant, just well aware of our potential:) Though being told that Albert wants to have your babies is enough to make anyone arrogant;-)

The race itself was pretty good, started, wound up to 39, and then strode, briefly, to one length. A push later we had overlap, and bumped, just after the motorway bridge.

*grin* (Paul)
A controlled race with a stride! We moved up on them fairly quickly, securing overlap by the motorway bridge and bumping shortly after (about where we bumped Downing III). Blades!

The row of honour back with the flag was something pretty special (until we swapped positions outside the Cantab house and half of the men's division 2 wondered how on earth this crew had got blades). What a fantastic first Lent Bumps. Having got a taste, I'm without doubt back for the Mays.

Thanks for everyone who's helped the crew, from bank partys and Iain to coaches and LBCs who made this possible. It's been a true pleasure to work with the crew.

P.S. Good on Rich for letting us throw him in the Cam at the end (video to come...).

P.P.S. How much is a blade? (Andy S.)

Good rowing paid off everyday, and even though in total we probably only rowed as far as grassy we earned our blades with many many (early) outings this term. Just need to thank all our coaches Neil, Albert, Andrew H, Andy Pickard, Dan Darley and to Iain, and to all those who helped carry me home from the lents dinner last night.

Mays here we come. (Martin Y)

1. A mass of crews and ...
2. Cat and buns flying ...
3. Setting off on the v...

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