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Lent Bumps 2006

4th men's VIII

Coxed by: R.R. Fenn

Bumped Downing III
This was an awesome race!!!! It was a confident bump if not a little later than it should have been! I was very proud of our boys today, well done guys it was a thoroughly deserved bump hopefully every day will go as well, touch wood! (Amy)
As we rowed up we saw Downing looking scruffy in non-matching kit and what looked like an antique of a boat, we were confident and rightly so. We gained half a length after the wind and we were into a push as soon as the stride! WE could've bumped slightly quicker since Rich decided to row along side them!! However the bump was inevitable and after a blade clash we got the bump just after the motorway bridge!

More of the same tomorrow...

Ra Ra First and Third!! (Lorry)
Bumped (almost) by the motorway bridge, good start and a good row, taking downing apart with ease.

Queen's tomorrow! (Martin Y)
Down Down(ing), deeper and down!

A good start with Queen's III in our sights for tomorrow with a weeker Peterhouse II in front of QIII, leaving an interesting day's racing tomorrow! (Andy S.)

We started ok, strode to a length, then to half a length, then pushed to overlap. Richard then decided to overtake, and we bumped just after the motorway bridge when we blade clashed.

Awesome line on Richards part, just hope he goes for the bump rather than the overtake next time!

BUMP!! (Paul)
Bumped Queens' III
It was a good start, then we heard the whistle and thought ah a length, good one, then noticed the whistle was continuous so pushed those last two strokes and felt our bow hit there stern nice and hard, bumpage!
30 strokes hardly feels like a row though, but our long piece on the way home felt pretty tasty so even if we actually have to do some rowing, Peterhouse II are going to get their arses kicked!! (Martin Y)
Good stuff FaT M4. You're bumping almost as quickly as the 4th Lent VIII in 2003 of which I was a part. But don't get too complacent just yet. Bumps can throw up some funny situations - we'd bumped 3 times within about 25 strokes - and then something, um, unfortunate happened.... (Richard)
Lorry mentioned that he wanted a quick bump, as he was feeling ill- and he got one:) Its a great feeling seeing the other boat out of the corner of your eyes before you've been told to stride!

Pity their cox refused to concede despite being struck several times by sam's blade... but we rammed them anyway:)

BUMP!! (Paul)
Wasn't feeling well so wanted a quick bump... and we got it, 25 or so strokes, on the first corner before the motorway bridge... Well done guys! More of the same tomorrow!

As an extra their cox got a fine for not conceeding, mwahaha!! (Lorry)
What more can we say? Bumped in under 30 strokes! An awful start by Queens meant we again caught up to a length very quickly. A faulty cox box struck again in the bows but we felt the push from stern four and joined in and before we knew it we'd rammed into 'em good 'n' proper! It would have been a bit more of a bump instead of a ram if the Queens cox had conceeded when Sam hit their boat five times, but no matter. Half way to the fabled blades then. Peterhouse II lie in our way next... (Andy S.)
Another sexy row from the guys. The row up to the start was definitly one of a confident crew ready to bump and their solid practice start no doubt intimidated the queens crew behind them. Everything looked in place for a good bump! And indeed one did follow and quickly!!! It was also helped by the fact that Queen's started at an interesting angle on the river, but most definitly a well deserved victory for the guys! (Amy)
Bumped Peterhouse II
Well its safe to say the boys have been getting a little cocky of late. Boasting of all their quick bumps but today they proved that they were fantastic at the slightly longer stretches, having to row a little longer than their usual 30 or so strokes and having to "stride for the first time" as certain members of the crew continuely pointed out. But it was a very good race and a well deserved bump, the peterhouse start was a strong one but they just couldnt sustain it throughout the race and the sight of our boys gaining on them obviously must have been disheartening!! Well done guys, tomorrow is the clincher...good luck!!! (Amy)
The row up felt quite good today- very smooth in places. We were all very up for it today, and aware that we might have to row for a slightly longer period than before. The start was smooth, and although queens maybe closed a little on us, we settled into a semi-decent stride, and quickly closed to a length, and then half a length. As we rounded first post corner, we noticed we had overlap, quickly bumped them.

Our bows are looking quite special- we've got paint on them from all the crews we've bumped.:)

Let's get Catz tomorrow. (Paul)

Our start was consistent with our mood I think, confident and not too aggressive but our wind to 38 brought us the speed with needed and we even got to stride, yay!!
Damn good bump into 1st post completely smashed up our bows, now we have three pretty colours on our bows purple, green and blue!!!
It'll be claret coloured streaks tomorrow. (who in their right mind has claret coloured blades?) (Martin Y)
Not the sexiest of our rows as our bank party would say, but it got the job done! A bit of an untidy start meant we slipped down about half a length on Peterhouse II and the Queens boat that we bumped yesterday closed the gap, but we stuck to our game plan, wound up to about 38 then actually had a stride (although it was only to 36...). With the high rate, we were a bit scrappy, but we started closing the gap on Peterhouse and got to a length just past the motorway bridge. We heard Fitz bump the spooning St Catz boat (we hope!) and ploughed through the middle with about quarter of a length between us when we reached the start of first post corner where we thoroughly smashed into them, making a bit of a mess of our bow section. Strangely tired (we haven't had to take a stroke side corner in bumps before!) and having rowed pretty spackily, I was still fairly ecstatic. Just one more bump... (Andy S.)
Bumped St. Catharine's II
Absolutely awesome!!!!! I am so proud of all you guys you really deserved this well done!!! Though on your row home i think you made a few of the other crews wonder exactly how you bladed...there was definitly some interesting coxing going on from lorry and some even more interesting rowing from rich but all in all your one damn sexy boat!!!! (Amy)
I love you guys. (Albert)
BUMP!! BLADES!!! We may have been the most arrogant crew on the river, but we delivered! (Will)
Get in. Blades. Delighted.

We weren't arrogant, just well aware of our potential:) Though being told that Albert wants to have your babies is enough to make anyone arrogant;-)

The race itself was pretty good, started, wound up to 39, and then strode, briefly, to one length. A push later we had overlap, and bumped, just after the motorway bridge.

*grin* (Paul)
A controlled race with a stride! We moved up on them fairly quickly, securing overlap by the motorway bridge and bumping shortly after (about where we bumped Downing III). Blades!

The row of honour back with the flag was something pretty special (until we swapped positions outside the Cantab house and half of the men's division 2 wondered how on earth this crew had got blades). What a fantastic first Lent Bumps. Having got a taste, I'm without doubt back for the Mays.

Thanks for everyone who's helped the crew, from bank partys and Iain to coaches and LBCs who made this possible. It's been a true pleasure to work with the crew.

P.S. Good on Rich for letting us throw him in the Cam at the end (video to come...).

P.P.S. How much is a blade? (Andy S.)

Good rowing paid off everyday, and even though in total we probably only rowed as far as grassy we earned our blades with many many (early) outings this term. Just need to thank all our coaches Neil, Albert, Andrew H, Andy Pickard, Dan Darley and to Iain, and to all those who helped carry me home from the lents dinner last night.

Mays here we come. (Martin Y)

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