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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2006

2nd women's VIII

Coxed by: Dominic Hockley

Got on
YAY!! Got on, and well deserved too. Today was a good race, and all the crew put in a committed performance which reflected how much we wanted it... more to be seen next week, watch this space! :)

Special thanks to Amelia for bank-partying, to Jane for being on the Reach when we were tired, and to Will for carrying Harriet's broken blade home after rowing himself. And to Charlie for coaching. And all my fellow crew, oh i love you all! (Clair)
Coach's advice to cox prior to outing:
Dom, positively no screw ups today. Be really careful with the boat and don't take ANY chances.

Cox's reply to coach prior to outing:
Sure thing Charlie. Don't worry I'm on it.

Boat situation fifteen minutes into outing:
One collar on blade broken.

Coach has to run entire length of course with spare blade. By his own admission not the happiest time of his life.

But they got on in the end, so no worries. (Charlie)

1. Marshalling at the lock
2. Getting On
3. Approaching the finish

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