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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2006

The 2000m qualifying race for the Lent Bumps
Fri 24th February

The event was organised by CUCBC. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

2nd women's VIII

Got on
YAY!! Got on, and well deserved too. Today was a good race, and all the crew put in a committed performance which reflected how much we wanted it... more to be seen next week, watch this space! :)

Special thanks to Amelia for bank-partying, to Jane for being on the Reach when we were tired, and to Will for carrying Harriet's broken blade home after rowing himself. And to Charlie for coaching. And all my fellow crew, oh i love you all! (Clair)
Coach's advice to cox prior to outing:
Dom, positively no screw ups today. Be really careful with the boat and don't take ANY chances.

Cox's reply to coach prior to outing:
Sure thing Charlie. Don't worry I'm on it.

Boat situation fifteen minutes into outing:
One collar on blade broken.

Coach has to run entire length of course with spare blade. By his own admission not the happiest time of his life.

But they got on in the end, so no worries. (Charlie)

1. Marshalling at the lock
2. Getting On
3. Approaching the finish

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5th men's VIII

Got on - only 5th VIII in the Lent Bumps
A very tidy and committed row at an efficient 30+. Fingers crossed that we had the raw power to back it up - we'll find out later tonight! (BJ)
Nice one guys! This certainly felt like the best row I've ever been a part of (barring a scary line round grassy corner, but let's not mention that again). Seems we beat Christ's IV by at least 10 places- and quite right too considering we were faster than their entire VIII when rowing in sixes.

So it looks like blades for M5 this year! No, really... (Charles)
Well rowed guys! :-D :-D :-D

Martin tells me you are the first FaT 5th VIII in the Lents for five years. Nice one. (Albert)
Here's the data! The men's races were reduced from 5 divisions to 4 in 1998, we've had 5 VIIIs only twice since then. (Martin)
And (courtesy of the book, cheers Martin) you have to go back to 1984 to find a 5th Lent VIII before the 1995 one on the website. (Richard)
Getting on Race felt like the best piece of rowing I ever had. I agree with Charlie - we should go for the blades! (Mat)

1. Nearing the finish
2. On the Reach
3. Still tidy on the Reach

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6th men's VIII

Third-fastest non-qualifier
Time: 7:55
A good row from everyone, especially the first half, which looked very tidy and pretty fast. I was pleased to see everyone working on the things we mentioned pre-race. Once we got to the Reach, things got a bit scrappier with fatigue and cold fingers, but they held it together well. Excellent lines through Grassy and Ditton too. Well done to everyone.

... just seen the results. Only 9s slower than the fastest N-Q crew. Beat 12 higher crews, including LMBC 5 by 22s. Shame not to get on, but a performance to be proud of. (Albert)
Unlucky guys, I thought the row went really well and we all tried our hardest, it's a shame we didn't get on. We'll just have to get back to rowing to ensure we can get on for the May bumps!

On a different note, can I point out all pictures of me in lycra were taken at a bad angle and that the camera adds 10 pounds, there were two cameras so that makes me look a stone and a half heavier. (Andy)
Good effort guys. Shame you didn't get on. You were about a minute and a half faster than the 6th VIII I coxed in the last Lents GoR. You were also only 3 seconds slower than last year's 5th Lent VIII who were very good!

A good time, excellent for a 6th VIII. Hopefully you'll all come back to row the Mays. (Richard)

1. full extension
2. Onto the Reach
3. bow 6

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3rd women's VIII

Failed to get on :(
Time: 10:17
This was good row, unfortunately there was a crash on the outside of ditton. I won't say it was caused by them, but CCAT 3 (now ccat 2) started very close behind and eventually overtook around ditton corner, forcing the girls to go wide... too wide.

My unofficial timing had them around 6:45 at this point. About 2 minutes from the finish I say. So by my reckoning, this would have put them somewhere near the fastest non-qualifiers or possibly even the slowest qualifiers.

Keep keen, keep training and see you all back next term! (Dami)
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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Unsuccessful women's crews</h4><p><pre>Pembroke 3 8.43 LMBC 3 8.47 Robinson 2 8.48 Magdalene 2 8.48 Emma 3 8.50 Jesus 3 8.54 Churchill 2 8.57 HH/Lucy Cav 2 8.58 Selwyn 2 9.02 Homerton 2 9.10 LMBC 4 9.17 Magdalene 3 9.32 Clare 3 9.37 <b>FaT 3 10.17</b></pre></p><h4>Successful women's crews</h4><p>Trinity Hall 2<br /> Clare 2<br /> FaT 2<br /> Newnham 3<br /> CCAT 2<br /> Peterhouse 2<br /> Kings 2<br /> CCAT 3<br /> Fitzwilliam 2<br /> Wolfson 2</p><h4>Successful men's crews</h4><p>Pembroke 3<br /> Corpus 2<br /> Christ's 3<br /> Selwyn 3<br /> Emma 3<br /> CCAT 2<br /> Jesus 4<br /> Fitzwilliam 3<br /> FaT 5<br /> St Ed's 2</p><h4>Unsuccessful men's crews</h4><p><pre>Churchill 3 7.46 Clare 3 7.47 <b>FaT 6 7.55</b> Homerton 2 7.57 Selwyn 4 7.58 Queens 4 8.01 Magdalene 3 8.02 Robinson 3 8.04 LMBC 5 8.17 Christ's 4 8.26 Caius 5 8.27 Kings 3 8.34 Wolfson 3 8.43 Darwin 2 8.58 Sidney 3 9.01</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
Cambridge weather: text

1. Erica looking very p...

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