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Lent Term 2006

Single sculls

2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Ladies shell (coxing division)), Jenny Lee in her single scull

Scratched due to illness :(
It was a pity, I was quite looking forward to this! (Little Jenners)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), Albert Cheung in his single scull

15th in Men's Single
Time: 12:04
A fairly sub-standard row, but nevertheless an amusing afternoon. I only crashed twice :-D

Felt spacky and slow most of the way, and never hit any sort of rhythm until the railway bridge. Slightly embarrassed that my last 500m were probably the fastest part of the piece... (Albert)

1. Albert consoling him...

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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), Tom Andrews in his single scull

14th in Men's Single
Time: 12:03
Also didn't fall in, despite the outflow's best efforts. Bonus! (Tom)
Best bank steering call of the day:

"Outflow in two, outflow in one, outflow NOW!
- holds breath -
Great, you're still in the boat, let's get straight and go!"

Actually this was a really good row - very impressed indeed. (Albert)
Well done Tom on beating Albert by the narrowest of margins! A really surprising result, I didn't see this coming. (BJ)
Fastest FaT boat - says it all really (Martin Y)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), Phil Horler in his single scull

20th in Men's Single
Time: 12:40
Still feeling the effects of my 21st birthday the previous day, and not having been in a scull since October, my preparation for the race was less than ideal. That said, this result is still such turd I'm really quite ashamed.

Having never done any sort of firm pressure in a single, I wasn't sure how I'd react to a head piece. I think the sculling itself was reasonably tidy, but by Ditton my forearms were beginning to burn. At the Railway bridge they were in agony, and I was swerving all over the course, unable to steer any sort of line.

I think if I can learn to take corners well, I'll probably take 10-15 seconds of my time, and if I can learn to actually use my legs and give my arms a rest, I might be able to put in a vaguely respectable time. (Phil)
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