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Cambridge Autumn Head, Mich Term 2005

Light IV (College IV-)

Light IV
bow (steers) Dan Jane 2 Tom Coker
3 Pedro Salgård Cunha str T.B.M. Garnett
2nd of 3 coxless IVs, 18th overall
Time: 10:15
We managed to stick fairly well to the race plan with a good 'second start'. Steering was an issue though, due to little rudder effect, resulting in a number of, towards the end high-pitched, calls from Dan that stroke side should pull harder :o) We could probably have taken 5-10s of the time if we had rowed in our own IV- (we borrowed one from Robs because Tobias managed to rip one of the footplate sliders off by pulling to hard :o) )

Overall a good first race with good pushes and lots of determination. It bodes well for the Uni IV. (Pedro)
We could make lots of excuses; tired legs from the eights race, we'd only previously done half an outing in this combination, the riggers were too high, the rudder didn't work, the wind picked up, Dan was ill, etc, etc.

But the reality is that, despite pulling hard and rowing pretty well, we lost heavily to some losers in red. In only one week, we shall return, stronger than they can possibly imagine.

The good news is that the fastest town 4- only managed 10:09, and allowing 20 seconds for a cox we were well clear of all the other college boats. (Tom C)

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