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University IVs 2005

Light IV (Light IVs)

Semi finals
Beat LMBC (8s)
Can't remember a Trin light IV beating LMBC. Congrats! (Dubya)
Awesome - I only saw the very end of the race, thanks to my completely superfluous DUing role [/"impartial" cheerleader], but the guys held it together much better than Maggie, and looked well in control right to the finish line. Brilliant, & much to look forward to in Lents. ("Light weight" Lilie)
It was a bit windy, but no more so than when we did our long practise pieces. Good rhythm down first post gave us 3s, which we increased to 6s by the Plough after a couple of pushes and superior cornering. At this point they started to worry and went for it, so we only gained another 2s in the second half.

We rowed well and steered well, but hope to be even better for the final. Obviously very pleasing to gain 20s on them in 10 days, and even better this completed a clean sweep of 4 red crews knocked out by 1&3 this week. (Tom C)
Found a very comfortable rhythm off the start and it was very encouraging to hear Iain shouting pleased comments! The pushes all worked well - possibly losing our catches a bit in the windy reach - culminating in an audacious number of 'up 2's after the railway bridge.

Big thanks to a very large and supportive bank party. It made such a difference on the reach as the light four understandably goes a bit quiet when the work comes on. Final is against Jesus, Friday at 1530h: Come on down! (Dan)
Beat Jesus (14s)
I was jogging along with the crew from the railings, and so I could see both boats take Ditton. It was hard to tell who was up at this point, but it quickly became obvious: Dan's line was nice, the Jesus line was terrible, and the separation reflected that. Our guys continued to open up an enormous lead in a tough headwind on the Reach, no doubt spurred on by a Mexican yell or two, and from there took it all the way home for a comfortable victory. (James)
More windy than Wednesday, and enough to make things hard. We'd been working on pressing the finishes out a bit more, and this improved the rhythm down first post. Steering was better too, but we were only 2s up after they took grassy wide. Pushed well down plough reach, and gained another 2s on the corner.

With more urgency than against lmbc, we nailed it down the reach. Focusing on the catches before the 30 stroke push helped a lot. Don't know what happened to them, maybe they started too hard, but we took a lot of distance out of them here. We finished it off with a committed sequence of up 1's after the bridge, stretching it out to a massive 14s.

I believe this is the club's first win in this event since 1988, so well done us! (Tom C)
Paddle down a bit nervous, Jesus looked pretty good. Incredibly, the sun kept coming out which meant I couldn't see a thing whenever I looked over my shoulder - I sensibly didn't mention this until after the race.

And what a race! An absolute pleasure to have been in this boat - as Tom said, we really nailed the reach this time, despite the head wind. Everything came together.

I had a few goes at crashing (strokeside only just managing to thwart my attempt at the Grey Barge on plough reach) but somehow we once again followed a good line most of the time; Iain once again a very welcome addition to the bank party. As Tobias said - 'I've never been so pleased to hear a Scottish accent'!

The supporters deserve a big mention: It was so good to come round Ditton to a massive cheer, and receive an even louder roar of approval as we hammered under the Railway Bridge. Thanks guys! (Dan)

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