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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2005

2nd men's novice VIII (Student Beginner VIIIs)

Coxed by: Amelia Russell

12th of 25 student beginner VIIIs, 6th of 16 college novice VIIIs
Time: 11:12
Experty guided down the river by our cox Amelia, we settled in to a solid 26-28 rhythm off the start and maintained it. Our row was free of disasters. We didn't crash into the bank, and no-one lost their seat or caught a crab. We were somewhat slowed by a pair of drunken idiots in a motorboat who forced us into a very bad line round Ditton, but still managed a pretty good time and overall performance. The general feel of the race was quite good and together, though we proved we were capable both of some quite high-quality work (the beat-the-First-Men push) and some serius spacking (last five strokes before the finish). Well rowed guys - now let's get our sights on the Clare Novice Regatta. (Magnus Jones)
This was a good committed piece. We went over at about 28, didn't crab or crash and everyone was tired at the end; a good start.

Through the first half we managed to keep the work on, and had some nice pushes out of the corners to prevent a drop in speed. We were unfortunately slightly impeded by a drunkard in a motor cruiser on Ditton and had to go horribly wide, but once on the reach had an excellent ratio shift and lift in boat speed. Our "Obliterate" push into the railway bridge set us up excellently for the last chunk of racing, and depsite some spacking just shy of the finish line, the power and technique were consistent throughout.

A really impressive first row, well done to everyone and thanks to the mlbcs for coming along and supporting. Bodes well for next week and the Fairbairns. Ra ra! (Amelia)
A very encouraging result indeed. The row was committed and solid from start to finish (who's counting those last 5 anti-phase strokes anyway :-D).

Spurred on by the knowledge that the 1sts had rowed the course at a very relaxed rate, these guys put a mighty effort into their race and managed to make it pay off, holding off a Queen's senior crew and expertly negotiating a swerving pleasure boat at Ditton.

The boys responded well to Amelia's well-judged calls, and each push brought noticeable improvement. Congrats on a good result and let's build on it for Clare Novices and Fairbairns. (Albert)

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