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Ross Regatta, Summer 2005

Miscellaneous men's IVs (Senior3 4+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
in Scylla
bow Dan Jane 2 Phil Horler
3 A. D. Scott str Jacob Shepherd

Coxed by: Rachel Munro

Quarter finals
Lost to Royal Chester (1/2 l)
Having enjoyed the wonderful hospitality of the Shepherd household the previous evening, we were up early in order to be at the river by 8am to race the "Sunday Winner" slot. As it turned out this slot was not taken, so we had to wait till midday to race our first round, giving us time to catch up on some sleep the important current affairs reported in Zoo magazine.

After arming ourselves with Zoo's "Man Facts", we eventually found our opposition and rowed down to the start. The plan was simple; row together. We got the inside lane and so started about half a length down, and knew that we had another half length defect to make up at the finish due to the angle of the line. The race went a lot better than at Bristol (although still pretty scrappy), and we found ourselves on almost level terms at the halfway point. However, we were never really able to put in a good push together and fell apart a little in the last 10 seconds or so, thus handing Chester the win.

As in Bristol, our first round opponents went on to win, winning each of their other two races by at least half a length, once again proving that if we had rowed at the level we are capable, we may well have won the event. In spite of this, we all had a great weekend and look forward to getting in some good training next term and winning some races. (Phil)

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