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Bristol Avon Regatta, Summer 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (W Elite 4+)

Coxed by: Lewis Westbury

won by half a length against Molesey
Probably our best race so far - certainly our best result! We were pretty nervous on the way up to the start, after being messed around and made to wait by Molesey for a good hour. We thankfully had a good start [this has proved to be a weaker point in some races] a nice stride where we took a bit of distance, and then held it on nice and steady down the course to beat them by a fairly narrow margin. AWESOME!! Afterwards noticed that they had decided to row/ponce with England blades. (Lilie)
We were nervous going into our first Elite (!) race, not helped by the red and white England blades Molesey had chosen to dig out for the occasion or the large delays requested by our opposition in both events.

Molesey were a strong crew and we were level off the start, then pulled away from them slightly on the stride as we settled into a good rhythm. A series of good pushes kept us just ahead and we lifted it to the finish to take the Elite pots by half a length. Non-qualifying though, so we remain S2 for the moment. (Erica)
A really cohesive and controlled row which saw us begin to pull away from Molesey during the stride, and then increase our lead coming around the outside of the bend. This left us around a quarter of a length up going into the final straight, and Lewis' "this is for your elite pot" push, along with the stagger at the finish saw us cross the line half a length ahead. (Amelia)

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2. Powering through Mol...
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