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Bristol Avon Regatta, Summer 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (WS2 4+)

Coxed by: Lewis Westbury

won, easily, against City of Bristol
Afer winning the Elite race, we were keen not to embarrass ourselves by losing in a lower category to the home crew. This final ended up being the second-last race of the day, after the Bristol IV had finished racing in their VIII. Our nerves turned out to be unfounded as we took a lead off the start and lengthened it to clear water as we strode to a good race rhythm. From that point Bristol were never really in contention and we took it home for the second pot of the day and the Cleveden Scaffolding Trophy (apparently). (Erica)
Bit of a disappointing race really - after getting all fired up for elite, and wanting to make the double, we took quite a lot of distance from them during the draw strokes, and never felt threatened. A good solid row though. Of course we'd never have managed it without the Mexican call from the contigent on the bank :) (Lilie)
Fresh from the elation of our elite win, we re-focussed, and concentrated on not embarrassing ourselves by losing the S2 final. We needn't have worried. We rapidly established clear water and continued to increase our lead over the course. I think they lost heart a bit, and crossed the line a good ten seconds after we did. :) (Amelia)

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