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May Bumps Getting-on Race 2005

4th women's VIII

Coxed by: Dilini Nanayakkara

Got on!!!
Time: 9:08
well done girls, finally ending my vigil at 11.55! best of luck for bumps :D

It was quite an eventfull row back though, we got bumped a couple of times... and maggie XXX got scum paint on our boat (hope their bowman's alright). I think the girls need to practice holding it up **fast** (Dami)
This is fantastic!!! I think the first time FaT ladies ever got on a 4th VIII! It really reflects how much work and enthustiasm the girls have put into their training throughout the year.

Congratulations ladies, you really really deserved this.

xxx Pia (very proud :)) (Pia)
Yes! This was a great, committed row by everyone in the boat. The power was there throughout, and it held together the whole time. Great work, and an excellent result to show for it. Congratulations! (Mika)
Fantastic; well done girls!! For a crew with a start-of-term agenda "should aim to exist" you've really shown the men how it's done ;o) Let's see some bumps! (Erica)

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