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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2005

FaT Grads, GoldenBoys (3rd division)

Coxed by: Aileen Dennis

Semi finals
Beat Magdalene III by 1/3 length
Gained a few feet off the start, but didnt really extend our lead, as we were quite scrappy throughout. (Fergus)
We did better than that and were half a length up, but we didn't respond to their push off the railway bridge and lost some distance. We have rowed much better. (Neil)
Beat Magdalene II
They were slightly quicker off the start, but we held them well, up until the point where they inexplicably started to swerve towards us. Both boats ended up against the bank. Stern pair werent too keen on the idea of a re-row, so we claimed the win. It must have been our new kit that made the difference... (Fergus)
Such a shame Magdalene's steering let them down- I was looking forward to making it to the railway bridge for our "secret" push. That would have surprised them! Possibly even more than our kit did. (Aileen)

1. FaT Golden Grads
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