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May Term 2005

2nd women's VIII

Head of the Cam (Women's Other Mays)

45th overall
Time: 12:44
Not a bad row at all; unsurprisingly a bit rusty for the first race of term but the girls held it together well even when under pressure from a Jesus boat behind. Technique not bad, finishes really improved, the "looking pretty" element is there to a tee ;o) so the main thing to work on is getting power in the water. Very promising for the rest of term. (Erica)
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Cambridge Head-2-Head (Lower VIIIs)

19th of 19 women's VIIIs
Time: 25:13
The first leg felt pretty good, loads better than our race/first_outing_since_bumps last week. I hope the times reflect that.
second leg, we kept it together well. A good lift after the railway bridge to the finish, when we were apparently closing on the men's double in front! (never mind the fact they overtook us at the bottom of the reach...shhh!!)
Oh yes, and we had much fun marshalling ;) (Dami)

1. baz sepia
2. Baz
3. bow pair

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Champion of the Thames Eights Head (Women's 3rd Div. Mays)

1. At the start

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May Bumps

Bumped by LMBC III
... the shame! But hey, we rowed quite well, so we can take some pride in that. Maybe if we'd done half as many weights' sessions as Magnus has done this term it would have been different. (Dami)
Bumped by Clare Hall
Bumped in the same place for the second day running, after a nearly identical race... It's time we break this bad habit of ours.

Our trouble began at the start line when our cox-box (the pace-coach), which had been working perfectly for both the practice starts, died literally forty-five seconds before the gun. I had no choice but to shout my way through the race - something that was to have dire consequences for our push ability later on... We were quick off the start, gaining on Maggie just as we'd pulled away from them yesterday. But just as yesterday we soon started to lose our edge and slip behind. The girls row well, they move together and get good cover on the strokes. When we push, we push away from the boat behind. But in between pushes there is a slump in effort that has allowed the chasing crews to inch up on us. They simply seem to have a higher base speed than we do - or rather, they simply work slightly harder than we do. This is what got us bumped today. After they'd got close enough, our rowing fell apart, with huge loss of cover for some strokes. The cox-box situation didn't help either, as I was unable to synchronise the last pushes or to correct the technique of the rowers in the bow. We did a desperate push round first post corner, hoping they'd overshoot us, but they shredly stayed on our inside and claimed the bump. At least today they only brushed our side rather than bowballing me in the kidney. (Magnus Jones)
Bumped by Corpus
The equipment gods were not with us today. We did our usual good start. Corpus gained a bit but were starting to sag. Then a seat failure. Rowed as well as we could with six rowers, and Corpus seemed to find it surprisingly hard to close. But there was ultimately no hope, and they caught us just at the end of First post Reach - making this our shortest race to date. But our rowing today was a step above what we've seen so far, so who knows what tomorrow may hold? (Magnus Jones)
To slightly adapt an expression of Tom C's: we threw the kitchen sink at them, but unfortunately the faucet flew off mid-flight... Apologies to the whole crew for missing the photo tomorrow morning, but I'll be back in time for another great start, hard race and - hopefully - that seriously desired bump! (Hen)
Bumped by Darwin II
Another flawless defeat by "the Seatbreakers". Today 's rowing was not our best, but the double seat failure after thirty strokes didn't exactly help. That brings it up to four seat failures in bumps races this term. Oh well, better luck next year I guess... now all that's left is to see about getting some spoons... (Magnus Jones)

1. Into first post corner
2. Steering past grassy
3. Rowing past grassy

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