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Lowe Double Sculls, May Term 2005

Double Sculls, Lea-Cox/Sills (Men's 2x)

Semi finals
beat Stewart/Palmer (Jesus/Hughes hall) by some lengths
Slightly slow start, but it was controlled and we took a straight course down first post reach. It was clear, however, that they were gaining and by grassy they had closed perhaps 5 or 6 seconds. We had taken a good line round first post and grassy, whereas they then went very wide on grassy and had to almost stop when their blades went into the bank. this put them back to just outside station again.

Bow then began to shout encouraging calls of 'destroy them now' etc and in fact got so worked up about this that he forgot about ditton and as a result took it rather wide - (muppet). We were holding them in terms of speed at the moment, though and their ditton wasn't perfect either. Had a good lift out of diton and pushed all the way down the reach. They were about on station for this time and we realised it was going to be close. Stroke was complaining about his lack of fitness afterwards and i think we were both fairly glad when they decided to have another small meeting with the bank shortly before the finish, ensuring the result.

I think it was clear they would have been faster over a straight course and the bloke in their bow seat had dominated the colquhouns (sp?) that morning, so they were a bit unlucky. Just shows that in a race on the cam, you have to be able to cope with the corners.

bring on the final (Graham)
beat carthik/leonard easily
chasing this time, so no idea what was going on for most of the race, but we had dan jane on the bank giving us vague ideas.

We started a bit more solidly than yesterday and had decent pushes down to first post. i think we probably took most of the distance out of them on the corners, as they tended to go a little wide. somewhere in the gut dan shouted something that might have been 'they're going wide' so we took that as a cue for a push and began to reel them in. We were a few lengths down as we rounded ditton and heard tom call 19s as the amount we were up on them at that point. we were right in their wake and they had a bit of a push, which gained them a little back, but we began to catch up again soon enough. we never quite caught them, but the result was clear.

another two CUBC trialists dealt with. back home for pints and medals. (Graham)
Didn't see the corners but the boys were making ground down the reach despite being in dirty water. Was particularly amused by Graham's enthusiastic up 2 call going into the last 400 and Andrew's equally "enthusiastic" response. (Tom C)

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