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Lowe Double Sculls, May Term 2005

Weaver/Lee (Women's 2x)

Double sculls
in Hambleden
Lilie Weaver Jenny Lee
Quarter finals
Beat Catz by a long way
Well, if we were going straight, I'd say we would have been reasonably matched. However, given that they crabbed and crashed at least twice before first post we opened out a lead which saw us finish pretty much before they reached the top of the reach. "Won by the bow girl's steering" as commented on the finish line.
Ohh, exhausted- with Graham "motivational guru" Sills bank partying, for some reason I didn't slack off at all, and as a result almost died. Pretty good row I think, difficult to tell really cos of all the adrenaline. (Lilie)
'Bow girl steering' certainly couldn't have done it without stroke girl's sculling :)
As we disappeared round grassy, we saw them entering 1st first, before (as they told us later) they parked in the bank soon after. We never saw them again, but there was no chance I was willing to slack off with Graham driving us on from the bank.
Apparently I was spotted as "isn't that your cox?" though. I hope it's not illegal to enter with this kind of natural steering advantage, I claim it's balanced by the power disadvantage! (Little Jenners)
Semi finals
Lost to Kunze/Mitchell (Churchill) by a few lengths
Lost to the eventual winners, so no disgrace really. Pity we're (particularly little me) not built for such a huge headwind. Need to bulk up those arms... (Little Jenners)
Report from the banksteerer:
This result is a bit misleading, the FaT girls were ahead pretty much all the way (Churchill having crashed just after the motorway bridge and working hard to make up a good amount but not by any means all of the lost ground by Ditton), and were only thwarted by a huge headwind in the reach which clearly favoured the much heavier opposition, who beasted it down after them to win by a few lengths. (Erica)

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