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RTT Regatta, May Term 2005

Dubya and Sarah (Couples Doubles)

Double sculls
in Hambleden
John Earl Sarah Taylor
Beat Erica and Pedro easily
Unlike our oppositon, John and I had actually been out in a double a couple of times in the past, but seeing as the outings usually ended in arguments, I'm not sure if they can be counted as effective training and thus cheating for this regatta.

Our burst at 'race pace' on the way to the start soon made it apparent that we were likely to go faster rating 16 with me actually doing something, rather than rating 22 with me spacking for Britain (and possibly the States too) and John doing all the boat moving. He wasn't convinced, so we settled at a semi-highish rate off the start and soon pulled away, though the rowing was far better when we had settled back to a lower one.

On the way back to the boathouse I actually figured out how to scull (not over-reaching works wonders) and we finally had it going pretty nicely. John has even suggested we try going for a few more outings, but minus the arguments this time. Hopefully. (Sarah)

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