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The Club's Results

City Sprints, May Term 2005

BPBC 2nd women's IV (CRA S4 4+)

BPBC 2nd women's IV
in Scylla
bow Anna McCreadie 2 Jo Sampson
3 Nadine Johnston str Sarah Taylor

Coxed by: Lizzie Grose

Semi finals
Lost to City by 1/2 length
Before this race started we managed to row about 50 strokes together. Unfortunately, more of these were backing down than rowing on, and most of them occurred while we performed some sort of dressage/ spinning exercise in order to move an item of clothing from one stakeboat to another.
As a result, our attempt to use power and togetherness during the actual race was not particularly successful. With hindsight, we should have just rated like lunatics. Lesson learnt. (jo)

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