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Peterborough Sprint Regatta, May Term 2005

Light and Dark Trinity (WS3 4+)

Coxed by: Charlie Allen

Joint fastest crew
Time: 1:48
A really good solid row, maybe a little spacky and unbalanced [but partly due to having to row in an 85kg mens 4] - well ahead of the field in out heat, finished with clear water. (Lilie)
beat Cambridge 99s by a canvas
Time: 1:47
SO so close. Very pleased to have beaten a stacked '9s crew, albeit by a tiny margin. Think we all *really* wanted it, and despite a few unbalanced strokes, and not being the prettiest crew there, when we lifted, the boat really moved, unlike the s3 final yesterday [though we hadn't already rowed 4000m today!] and Charlie just kept us pushing all the way, to take 9s at the line - awesome coxing for Charlie's 50th(?!) pot, he almost managed a straight line too ;)
Looking forward to pot hunting over the summer, Go Light and Dark Trinity, woohoo! (Lilie)

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