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City of Oxford Rowing Club Bumps Races, May Term 2005

1st women's IV, rowing in "the Log"

Coxed by: Jenny Lee

Bumped Wolfson College I
I'll do this all properly in the morning, for the mean time I will sum up the day with 4 comedy facts:
1.We left Great Gate for Oxford at 5 in the morning, and survived the journey with 4 of us squished in the backseat of Honeys car.
2.Our vessel for the day (very kindly lent by ChristChurch) had gone so long without use that most club members had forgotten it existed, and it was dusty and full of spiders.
3.Aforementioned vessel was bow rigged. The vessel in which we had trained was not.
4.We went up 6 and ended up in the 1st division. Pretty comedy.

The crews we bumped were (in some order) Hughs II (a ghost crew), Wolfson, Abingdon, someone else, Oxilp, Linacre. (jo)
Well, we started out rather pessimistic, having had to swap our crew order from the one in which we had done every single outing of training so far due to the discovery on arrival that the boat was bow-rigged!

Our start was abysmal, but the crew one in front failed to appear on the start line and the crew two in front got their bungline tangled in their rudder strings, meaning that we bumped them almost before they had managed to start rowing. Some confusion over conceding and the foreign Torpids rules left us alongside them before we easied. Pleasingly, the crew behind had not gained on us at all off the start (despite racing in a boat that was probably about half the weight of our Log) so we went into the next race more optimistic. (Erica)
Bumped Abingdon RC
This was some kind of special quasi-overbump torpids style, which meant we had to row the log about 1000m, which is a long way when you're rowing in a tree trunk. Still only went up one though. crazy as. (Lilie)
I can't remember which race this was. We definitely bumped someone though :o) (Erica)
Bumped Hertford College II
We had a really nice start. Rest of the race standard plan: row, row, row, overlap, wait ages for the cox to concede, stop. (Erica)
Bumped OXILP I as sandwich boat
Well, we had to make this bump because our general lack of coordination and the immense mass of the boat meant that being forced to row over head of the 2nd division was a very unpleasant option. So we hit them. Quickly. :o) (Erica)
Uberbumped Linacre BC
we came, we saw, we conquered.

Fortunately for middle pair, this result won't count towards their bumps record. A measly up 6 in 5 would have nudged their average down a tad.

Nonetheless, I think everyone was pretty pleased to win a mini-blade to add to/ start their collection. (jo)
Woo - mini blades, pleased! The ChCh boys seemed impressed and surprised saying they'd never seen that boat go so fast. And once it got going, I can't see that anything much would stop it- if only these hadn't been non-contact bumps we could've done some serious damage! I think the boys could still be persuaded to donate "the Log" to us as a souvenir, I've become quite attached to it..
Thanks to the them for having us over and lending us the boat, taking us to "formal" etc. etc. Though we'll leave mentions of escapades in showers for another thread ;)
Newnham also seemed rather surprised that we were doing so well, which was pleasing. (Lilie)
The hardest bit was extracting our pole-pusher from the pub before the race started.

Not much to say about the rowing really; we bumped them before we were even in sight of the City boathouse. Mini-blades! Yay!

Particular thanks to Jenny whose coxing was by far the best on the river as far as I saw, and to Honey for probably doing more exercise marshalling than we did in rowing! (Erica)

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