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Cambridge Head-2-Head, Lent Term 2005

Women's VIII 'A' (Women's Lents 1)

Coxed by: Andy Wong

61st overall, 10th of 14 Cambridge colleges
Time: 24:03.7
The crews for this event were supposed to be matched mixes between (2-3) seniors and novices. Some changes between the crews, due to division preferences, meant that FaT B was a stronger crew than FaT A, which, thankfully does not mean that FaT B are not going to get those deserved L3 Pennants...!

Having coxed a fairly high-rating FaT B, I was pleased we settled into a nicer, but a little less agressive rythm with FaT A. It seemed that our 6 ex-novices were a bit tentative on the first leg (understandable, it IS a long race)- it felt a bit heavy all the way to the motorway bridge. Racing back down was a lot more enjoyable, with an incredible lift at the railway bridge which was sustained all the way to Top Finish.

All in all, a very pleasing start to the term. Well done especially to all the ex-novices, thanks to Iain for a training plan that incorporates a Head piece in every outing and to Andy for coxing.

xx Pia (Pia)

1. Bow side getting in
2. Ready to push out
3. Stroke side in...

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